From ‘Shishu Sangsad’ to All India General Secretary, why is Mamata confident in her debut?

Kolkata: Then the nineties. The grassroots was not established. Congress leader Mamata Banerjee was beaten by the Left government police. All the followers of Mamata were blowing in anger at that time. However, a small boy living in Kalighat’s house is seen separately. The flag was in his hand even though he was upset, and in a loud voice he continued with the slogan, ‘I don’t want to kill my sister, I won’t kill her.’ Gradually, the little boy entered politics. MP Hall. Didi’s team practiced her ‘position’ in the grassroots day and night. Eventually that boy became the All India General Secretary of the Trinamool Congress from Saturday. Abhishek Banerjee. Politicians say Abhishek has literally become an all-India leader since Saturday.

Management studies from Delhi. But the mind was in politics. Mamata finally came to power in 2011, ending a 34-year left-wing government. After that, ‘youth’ was formed in the grassroots. Parallel organizations were formed along with youth organizations. Abhishek got the responsibility of that organization. Abhishek got his first Lok Sabha ticket from Diamond Harbor in 2014 while working for the organization. And at the beginning of the parliamentary politics, he started the innings with practically six hits. But Mamata’s ‘nephew’ has been criticized for getting her debut ticket. The ‘nephew’ controversy that has haunted him to this day.

Abhishek, however, has repeatedly said that he did not get any special privilege to be the nephew of the team leader. Pelলে would get tickets from South Kolkata for the Lok Sabha polls, not from ‘tough’ Diamond Harbor. He also raised the issue in an interview with News18Bangla. Abhishek was the youngest MP in the 2016 Lok Sabha. And Abhishek has more responsibility to become an MP. Instead of Shuvendu Adhikari, the responsibility of the Trinamool Youth Organization was handed over to Abhishek. Shuvendu is still carrying that anger. He has even repeatedly raised the issue on behalf of the BJP in this election campaign.

Of course, the conflict was not only with Shuvendu, but also with Mukul Roy. Mukul left the party and joined the BJP before the question of who is the second most powerful in the grassroots was resolved. But even that did not break the grassroots. Abhishek did not even respond. Instead, he was stuck in the organization of the party. Repeated attacks have come, family stings have also come towards him. But he did not pay attention to it. Even Narendra Modi and Amit Shahra have directly targeted Abhishek in this year’s assembly elections. In the middle of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Abhishek’s role was also under fire for the bad results of the grassroots. But he ‘learned to stumble’.

Abhishek calls Mamata Banerjee ‘Didi’ even though she is a PC. Abhishek has learned politics from that ‘sister’. This election was like an acid test for him. He has held more rallies in the entire state than Mamata. The CBI even raided his house. But Abhishek could not resist. He was steadfast in his goal. “I am ready for all this,” he said. I also told my family to adapt to these. ‘

But on May 2, it was understood that Abhishek Banerjee had done ‘magic’. The Trinamool came to power with a huge majority. According to the political circles, if anyone has the credit for this victory after Mamata, his name is Abhishek. In the end, Mamata Banerjee, a member of the family but a trusted soldier of the party, got the fruits of her labor. Veteran Trinamool leader Subrata Mukherjee says, “Abhishek will be able to handle this responsibility well in the way he has worked, the way he has led the party.” The state victory has been achieved, the next goal is to take ‘Didi’ to Delhi. Trinamool’s second ‘strongman’ is unwavering in the target.

—- Kamalika Sengupta

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