‘I will suffocate the government’, Dilip warned! Rate causes ‘fear of workers’

Kolkata: The BJP could not even get close to what it claimed in the Bengal polls. Gerua Shibir got stuck with only 7 MLAs. However, two party MPs Nishith Pramanik and Jagannath Sarkar have already resigned from the MLA post. As a result, the BJP has 75 MLAs. But BJP state president Dilip Ghosh warned that the government would suffocate in the assembly with that number of MLAs. In his usual manner, Dilip said, ‘We have 75 MLAs. And with that I will suffocate the government in my assembly. And we will continue to fight outside as well. ‘ The BJP state president also said that many of their workers were still homeless.

However, he blamed the party workers for the tragic defeat in the state. “An atmosphere of fear was created in many areas. Our workers have retreated in many places out of fear. Left the counting center. The result has been damage. Even in Jangalmahal, where the Gerua camp had unimaginable results in the Lok Sabha, the BJP has lost face. In that context, Dilip also said, ‘We have lost many seats. I will look into why this happened. ‘

Incidentally, all the leaders who left the grassroots and joined the BJP before the Ekushey elections have sparked speculation about their next political move. It is reported that many BJP leaders and activists are desperate to return to the grassroots this time. However, Dilip is reluctant to give special importance to that issue. In his words, ‘In a democracy, anyone can change parties. One team left, this time another team will go. No one can be stopped by force. Some people team up on purpose. Thousands of people have joined the BJP. If one and a half people leave, they can go. ‘

BJP workers have already started protesting against the party leadership in districts. Dilip is not going to be left out of the target. He went to Hooghly for the first time on Friday after the deplorable results in Bengal. And when the state president was in front, the angry activists and supporters expressed their anger against a section of the district leadership. However, Dilip countered them, ‘If necessary, go to the grassroots. But you can’t stay in BJP by rioting. ‘

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