‘I’m here!’ For all the reasons that Mamata chose Saini as the young president …

Kolkata: His participation in the grassroots just before the vote surprised many. Thus, for many of the actors and actresses of the Tollygunge industry, this time the vote was to test politics. Especially in the BJP, a bunch of young faces from Taliganj have also tested their voting fortunes this time. But the lion’s share of them did not give up. Many star faces of the Trinamool have also lost the election. And Sayani Ghosh is one of them. Despite losing to BJP’s star candidate Agnimitra Pal from Asansol South constituency, Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee appointed Saini as the president of the party’s youth wing.

A face like Abhishek Banerjee in a post that has been around for so long, a face like Saini who has almost got a new foot in politics? Political analysts say this is Mamata’s masterstroke. They say that Mamata Banerjee, who has risen from the ground to fight, has been fascinated by Saini’s style in campaigning and her tendency to mix with people. Even after losing the election, many faces of the younger generation of the grassroots were on their way to bring Saini to any government post in Asansol. Therefore, the Trinamool leader thinks that it is possible to run the work of the youth organization of the party successfully with a Daputa girl like Saini.

According to Trinamool sources, even though he has been in charge of the party’s youth organization for so long, many lower level youth leaders and activists were a little hesitant to reach out to him. Abhishek’s political ‘height’ and ‘seniority’ would have stuck the youth wing workers to some extent. And Mamata brought Saini there and broke the dam. At the same time, the Trinamool leader gave a special message by bringing a woman in an important position like the president of the youth organization of the party.

There is also a special message for the younger generation. Seeing the young leadership like Saini, Mamata Banerjee is eager to attract the new generation in the team. Trinamool Shibir hopes that many young men and women will want to come into politics after seeing Saini. And while talking about the future of the party, the new generation has repeatedly come up in the face of the Trinamool leader. However, Saini wants to start work with responsibility soon. From the discontent within the organization to the further expansion of the organization, Saini said, ‘I have come …’

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