Madan Mitra: Dhamke Kamal Time, Madan Mitra on Facebook Live again! 62 thousand views in 5 minutes!

#Kolkata: Time is short in Didi’s strict rule. However, Kamarhati MLA Madan Mitra could not move away from Facebook Live. His live publicity spread widely on social media. But Madan’s team has asked him to rush this live. The party has called Madan Mitra at the party’s organizational meeting on Saturday and warned him. Even then, Trinamool MLA R of Kamarhati made Facebook live on Saturday There he mentioned, “From yesterday onwards, you will not find Madan Mitra, who used to get Madan Mitra word for word.”

Netagrikas were disappointed to hear that Madan Mitra would not come again on Facebook Live. But for them, Madan Mitra went live on Facebook again on Sunday afternoon. This short live run lasted 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Where in the first three hours there are more than 5 thousand likes. Comments are more than 1100. 339 people shared. And saw 72 thousand Facebook citizens.

At noon, wearing light blue denim jeans and a dark blue T-shirt, he brought a flower garland in his hand and brought it to Facebook Live. There was a pujo lesson as well as an announcement. Madan Mitra announces that we will celebrate Milon Utsav on June 30 in Kamarhati. The festival will be held at Vivekananda ground. The people of Kamarhati will enjoy the victory. However, I will celebrate the festival at 6 o’clock in the afternoon This festival will not be at night. Madan Mitra announced again from Facebook Live.

On the same day, he said, “We will celebrate the victory on June 30 with the victory we won in the Kamarhati vote. We will do it with at least twenty thousand people. We will play music and make noise.” After that he started reading pujo on Facebook live. Then he said, “Shiva is Gurudev. So I put a garland around Guru’s neck. Shiva will protect us. I wish good and well to those who are watching the enemy allies live.” Then one by one Bhavatarini, Sarada, Ramakrishna, Ganesh, Jagannath Pujo Sarlen Madan Mitra. Then he said, “My only prayer to God is that if I have done something wrong knowingly, I am asking for forgiveness থাকলে if I have done wrong knowingly or unknowingly.

He then reminded, “We will have a reunion in Kamarhati on June 30. I would like to greet all the people of the world. The decision taken by the party yesterday is a great decision. Many greetings to Abhishek-Saini-Raj-Ritubrata. Joy Bangla, Joy Trinamool, Joy.” Mamata Banerjee. I will do this festival on June 30 at noon. “However, the party did not comment on Madan Mitra’s live. However, it has been made clear that the team is measuring his every move.

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