Medical college doctor Debangshi Saha convicted of injection theft, report submitted to health building

#Kolkata: The report of the committee investigating the injection case of Calcutta Medical College was submitted to the Health Building. Debangshi Saha was found guilty in the report given by the committee. The report made it clear that the doctor had inadvertently taken 26 tocilizumab injections, with a market value of about one million rupees.

As per the rules, no house staff or medical officer can take this injection. However, the rules are different for the resident medical officer or RMO, the doctor who is seeing the patient. Or a senior resident physician may take this injection. Tosilizumab is a very expensive injection, but it is also life-threatening in corona conditions. Therefore, in accordance with the rules, what is being given to a patient and what dose is being given should be recorded at all times. But according to the report, Debangshi did not follow any rules.

The theft of this injection has been going on for several days at the Medical College Hospital. The INTTUC service team lodged a complaint with the Boubazar police station on Wednesday. The plaintiffs alleged that the 28 life-giving injections had been planned and fooled by the sister in charge of the children’s department. They wanted the administration to take action against this corruption. As soon as the incident came to her notice, Mamata Banerjee said that the matter was under the control of the health department. The health department will take action. They will see that the medical college has the power to make legal decisions.

On the other hand, a seven-member committee was formed by Dickel College to investigate. The committee consisted of doctors from various departments, including pharmacology and forensics, and officials from the nursing department.

Needless to say, tocilizumab is not a common injection. In the case of corona patients it can be called life-giving. Doctors are using this injection if cytokinin storm occurs in the body. Inflammation is caused by corona in the patient’s body. This injection sends a message of resistance against the cells. As a result, at the moment, in a word, it is precious. In the current market price of one Tosilizumab, the price is 50-56 thousand rupees. This injection is also being sold on the black market for two and a half lakh rupees.

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