Nusrat Jahan: Tollywood actress posted a sad scene from Twilight Saga after her pregnancy news in media

#Kolkata: From Friday in Tollywood, the only news in everyone’s mouth is, ‘Nusrat Jahan is going to be a mother’. On Saturday, a story came to the notice of netizens on his Instagram, which has left everyone in a daze. A scene from ‘The Twilight Saga’ was seen in the story of childbearing Nusrat Jahan. “I don’t want you to come,” says Robert Pattinson, the film’s protagonist.

Then the speculation started. Why did the actress highlight such a dialogue? Whose purpose is coming to his mind? Shortly after Robert’s dialogue, the heroine Kristen Stewart says, “You don’t want me to come?” The protagonist replies, “No.” Speaking of barriers to love. Speaking of separation. And why did Nusrat suddenly give the message of separation at such a turning point in his life?

For some time now, his (Nusrat Jahan) love affair with actor Yash Dasugupta has been in the headlines. This is being practiced in Tolipara even before the assembly elections. The two were also seen together during a campaign by two opposition parties on a dinner date, in a chat or in a car. Although it was hidden at first, now the ‘Yashrat’ rumors are quite strong in the media. The two tolly-actors have repeatedly hinted at a stronger new relationship on their social handles as well. The hint is clear, Nusrat Jahan is going to start a new life with Yash. In the joy of new life, Nusrat posted a post on Instagram Story on Friday. Posted a picture of a flower and wrote, ‘You will bloom like you’.

But netizens and fans are anxious to know the name of the child’s father. However, Nusrat’s current husband Nikhil Jain has already ruled out the possibility of fatherhood. “I’m not the father of this child,” he said. “Mama has no opinion on Nusrat’s life. It will never be again. Nusrat and I have been separated for the last seven months,” he said. Nikhil said, “We are going to have a legal divorce very soon. What is going on in her life? I have no idea who she is with or who the baby is with.” However, the practice of taking is still in full swing. Because Nusrat himself did not give any direct response. Desperate to get an answer to the question, many are attacking the actress again. Her relationship with her husband Nikhil Jain and boyfriend Yash Dasgupta is also being mocked.

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