Petrol Diesel Price today Know the latest rate in metro cities Kolkata Petrol price touching hundred per liter

#Kolkata: Fuel demand has skyrocketed in the international market as the lockdown situation has returned to normal in many European countries. And prices are rising by leaps and bounds. Petrol-diesel price has increased 18 times in the previous month. Petrol and diesel prices rose again on Sunday. While prices remained unchanged on Saturday, petrol prices rose again on Sunday. As a result, the price of petrol in Kolkata is practically around Rs 100 per liter. Let’s take a look at where fuel prices have come to a standstill in Kolkata, Mumbai, Tennai and the capital Delhi on Sunday, June 6.


Petrol price has already touched Rs 100 in Mumbai. This time the city of Kolkata is competing with him. Today, the price of petrol in Kolkata has increased by 26 paise per liter. Meanwhile, the price of diesel has gone up by 29 paise. Due to this increase in price per liter, today the price of petrol is 95 rupees 2 paise per liter. Diesel price is 6 rupees 60 paise per liter. Bus owners’ organizations have started a movement to protest the way diesel prices are constantly rising and to demand an increase in bus fares. The organization’s claim has been going on for three years, unfortunately the price of diesel has been rising in the same way till today. Lockdown was launched with Covid 19 in March last year. Since then till today private buses are not running properly.


In Mumbai, petrol costs Rs 101.25 per liter. Diesel price is Rs 93.30. Earlier on Saturday, petrol was priced at Rs 100.98 in Mysore and diesel at Rs 92.99.


In Delhi, petrol is priced at Rs 95.03 per liter and diesel at Rs 85.95 per liter. In Delhi, petrol was priced at Rs 94.7 per liter on Saturday. Diesel was priced at Rs 85.6. Incidentally, petrol price increased by 26 paise in Delhi on Saturday. On the other hand, the price of diesel increased by 26 paise on Saturday.

Regarding petrol and diesel prices, a new chart of petrol and diesel prices was released at 8 am every day. The commission of the customs dealer is attached to the price. Adding all this, the price goes up by leaps and bounds. Incidentally, the prices of petrol and diesel vary in different cities of the country due to local taxes and transportation costs. In Bhopal, petrol is priced at Tk 103.18, diesel at Tk 103.98 and in Jaipur at Tk 101.30.

Fuel price update is available daily by typing RSP petrol pump dealer code on 9224992249. New fuel prices are introduced every day from 8 am.

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