Raj Chakraborty: Election from Film Festival, confidence in successful Raj Raje Mamata! Got the cultural responsibility of the team

#Kolkata: Raj Chakraborty, Sayani Ghosh was the most insane of the Trinamool’s star candidates in the 2021 Assembly polls. However, Raj is the only one who has won. Actress Saini has lost to Asansol. These young Turks are the mainstay of Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee’s reliance on Saturday. Sayani Ghosh is the president of the youth grassroots. The chair that Abhishek Banerjee has held for so long. On the other hand, Raj Chakraborty has been given the responsibility of managing the grassroots cultural cell.

Despite being in charge of the Calcutta Film Festival, director Raj Chakraborty successfully handled the Corona superhero atmosphere. It was then that his organizational and cultural skills caught the eye of the Chief Minister. Mamata also nominated him from Barrackpore constituency in the Assembly polls. Raj has won the difficult seat Barrackpore. And that has increased the confidence of the leader. After a huge victory, it is no wonder that he will not get a more qualified leader than Raj to give him the cultural responsibility of the party during the reshuffle. In fact, the grassroots had never had a cultural cell like that before. There was a sports cell. That is what has been restructured to create a cultural cell.

Incidentally, in 2019, Raj was the chairman of the Calcutta International Film Festival (KIFF) committee. Prior to that, Prosenjit Chatterjee was in that post. There was also controversy in parts of Tollywood over Raj’s nomination for the responsible and high-profile post. But Raj personally reached out to all the senior actors and actresses and sought their cooperation. The festival was a total success. In 2020, a virtual film festival was organized in Corona Atimari. Raj was also given the responsibility of the main organizer there. The success and confidence of the state as the chairman of the film festival was also noticeable.

It was not an easy task for Raj to win on average with BJP’s heavyweight leader (former Trinamool) Arjun Singh. However, the confident Raj won the assembly election by defeating BJP candidate Chandramani Shukla from Barrackpore. Apart from being a grassroots MLA politically, his good relations with the stars of the opposition camp are also of a liberal and amiable nature. Before the vote, Raj also greeted Sravanti Chatterjee, who stood for the BJP.

Electoral stage from culture. Nowhere did Raj Chakraborty disappoint his sister. Political circles think that Saturday’s decision is the result of that. Relying on her efficient public relations, self-confidence, generous nature, and ability to reach out to people easily, Mamata has given her the guru responsibility. Time will tell how successful the Tolly Director will be.

Ritubrata Banerjee became the state president of the Trinamool workers’ organization in a reshuffle on Saturday. Rajya Sabha MP Dola Sen has become the president of the All India Workers Union. Lok Sabha MP Kakli Ghosh Dastidar has become the president of the All India Women’s Organization. Former minister Purnendu Basu is the state president of the farmers’ organization. The party’s state general secretary is Kunal Ghosh, a former Rajya Sabha MP.

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