Taslima Nasrin reacts on actress Nusrat Jahan pregnancy news

#Kolkata : Nusrat Jahan is going to be a mother. For the last two days, the net media has been fighting over this news. There is a lot of speculation about the father of the actress’ unborn child. The news reached Taslima Nasrin on social media. Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you. On the contrary, he strongly expressed his views in this regard. What did Taslima, a well-recovered writer from Kovid, write in the media about West Bengal MP and actress Nusrat? In her Facebook post, Taslima Nasrin has given a special message about comparing Tolly heroine Nusrat Jahan with Angelina Jolie as well as male dependent relationship.

The record of Nikhil’s relationship with Nusrat at the beginning of Taslima’s post. Taslima understands that the relationship between the two is not sweet anymore by watching ‘Khabar’. His question is, ‘If this is the case, isn’t it better for Nikhil and Nusrat to get divorced? No sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise. It is uncomfortable for both sides. In addition to this, the writer’s satire also came to light about the continuity of getting involved with one man after another. She writes that if a woman is self-reliant and aware, she can be the guardian of the child herself. He does not have to be dependent on patriarchy. He advised Nusrat to raise the child in that way. Taslima’s guess is that the outcome of the relationship with Yash will be the same after leaving the marriage with Nikhil in search of happiness. Because he thinks, ‘What a difference between Nikhil and Yash! Men are men in the end. It is not that life becomes very happy when one leaves one and marries another ‘. So he advised Nusrat to refrain from this ‘race’ of getting a partner like mind. Because in her words, ‘the desired man of an independent-minded woman is in the imagination, not in reality’.

However, in addition to this statement, Taslima also said that for whom it costs so much, Taslima was not acquainted with any of his works for a long time. A few days ago, he was impressed by Nusrat’s performance in Bratya Basu’s ‘Dictionary’. Seeing the actress from Tolipara, he remembered Angelina Jolie from Hollywood. In his words, there is no personal talk. However, seeing Nusrat on screen, Taslima also commented that she felt ‘self-reliant’. He also raised the issue of marriage between the two communities.

Taslima never left the debate behind. Again, like the actress, the writer is also going along on her own terms. He also heard death threats to express his views against religion and masculinity. Through this article on the net, Taslima brought Nusrat and secularism side by side. He wrote, ‘When Nusrat and Nikhil got married, I was very happy. Just as happy as Srijit and Mithila were when they got married. Because I believe in secularism, when people of two religions get married, I am delighted for a very natural reason. However, Taslima also clarified that it is not good to see the path of ‘eye-catching couple’ stop in just a few months.

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