The shepherd used to raise money under the direction of four people! Admitted to the interrogation, claimed police sources

#Kolkata: The interrogation of Rakhal Bera, who was arrested on the charge of cheating in the name of giving a job in the Irrigation Department, came up with shocking information. According to Kolkata police sources, the shepherd claimed that he used to collect money on the instructions of four people Police sources claim that he has raised around Rs 10 lakh by promising a job

Maniktala police arrested Rakhal Bera on Saturday on the basis of a complaint lodged by a man named Sujit Dey. It is alleged that Rakhal Bera took around Rs 220,000 between July and September 2019 in the name of giving a job in the Irrigation Department. There are 6 hotels in Digha and Kanthi Police are also searching for Chanchal Nandi, a former Irrigation Department employee involved in the scam. Allegedly, the shepherds used to communicate with the job seekers through Chanchal Nandi

According to police sources, the shepherd admitted in the investigation that he had taken money from various people from September 2016 to January 2019 on the instructions of four people. Rakhal 7 has claimed that the order to withdraw money came in the middle of 2016 According to police sources, the shepherd from Kolkata, 24 Parganas and Kanthi has raised about Rs 10 lakh in this way. The shepherd admitted that the money was taken in cash Investigators are also examining the call records of Rakhal Berar between 2016 and 2019 Investigators want to know who he contacted at the time, who gave him instructions, and in line with the shepherd’s statement. In addition, the police are trying to find out where the money raised by the shepherd went Investigators are investigating whether the money was sent to an account, or whether it was used to buy land or other property, or to invest in a hotel business. If necessary, the police will call the four shepherds who are talking

The shepherd took the money from Sujit while sitting in a flat at the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Co-operative Housing Society. Which the shepherd claimed to be his flat অভিযোগ to the complainant On the other hand, 20 more complaints have been lodged with Maniktala police station for cheating in the name of job It is being investigated whether the shepherd is also involved in this deception

The accused Rakhal Bera was produced in the Sealdah court on the same day and the police requested for 14 days police custody Finally, the court ordered to keep the shepherd in police custody till June 12 Rakhal Berar’s lawyer Kallol Das complained, “It was done out of complete political revenge.” At the same time, he raised the question, why was the shepherd arrested so long after the incident two years ago? The accused’s lawyer also raised the question of how the complainant paid so much money to the shepherd without knowing how to get a government job.

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