Trinamool Nabin’s ‘debut’ is Praveen’s farewell flute? Or another masterstroke of compassion!

#Kolkata: Trinamool organizational reshuffle is being practiced across the country on Saturday. The reaction to the way Mamata Banerjee showed confidence in Navin is also mixed. Abhishek Bandyopadhyay to be the All India Secretary, Saini to be in charge of the youth grassroots, Raj Chakraborty-Ritubrata Bandyopadhyay to hand over this responsibility in the hands of the new confidence, but the question is on his back, then this decision is the old man’s farewell flute! Political analysts, however, do not agree. Many people say that this is also a brain gram that may be pathetic in the future of other political parties. How is the design of that braingram? Why did Mamata Banerjee take this decision? What exactly is his main intention? Let’s leave the argument to the fire.

Abhishek Banerjee was the young face of the grassroots for so many days. Whether one likes him or dislikes him, everyone is bound to agree on the issue. Now in charge of the All India Secretary, Abhishek is going to be one of the leaders in the expansion of the grassroots empire beyond the state. Mukul Roy used to handle this responsibility. Giving Abhishek that empty seat shows how important the team thinks he is. In a word, the Trinamool wants to project Abhishek in the context of virtually all-India politics. In that case, it would be a sign of short-sightedness to hand over any post he has left, the Trinamool leader said.

Moreover, I want leadership to come up in the minds of today’s netizens, leadership that has come up from this generation. It is not the work of the elders. Abhishek Banerjee has so far been one of the masterminds of the party’s communication with these netizens, he has raised the youth. The fact that the party has chosen Saini Ghosh to fill his vacancy is not a hasty decision. Saini Asansol lost the election in the south. But he is significant for other reasons. Mamata Banerjee’s jeweler’s eyes have realized that her desperate run in the polls, her repeated rush to the people even after losing the polls, her strong self-confidence can inspire the younger generation.

Mamata Banerjee has repeatedly said that she wants to make arrangements in her absence so that the three generations are ready to carry on the party. The rise of Saini, Raj and Ritubrata is indicative of Mamata Banerjee’s organizational derivation. He needs old comrades like Subrata Boxy Perth Chatterjee Dola Sen to run the team, just as he wants to read the Bong-Man leadership. In fact, Mamata wants a team formed of young and old where political wisdom and agility will complement each other. Satisfaction is also emerging in the eyes of those who understand the essence of Mamata’s dream.

There is another reason to emphasize the new. This huge victory in the Bengal Assembly elections has made Mamata Banerjee a direct rival of Narendra Modi. Mamata has been saying to herself from the beginning that she wants to cross Baitarani by recruiting young men and women in these two brigades. When that boat arrives at the wharf, he also has the responsibility to prove the newcomer’s priority by hand. Mamata herself has said that the alternative to the grassroots is better grassroots. The hopes of the common people, who are the leaders of this victory, have hastened him in search of a purer grassroots, in forming this brigade with the newcomers.

On the other hand, it is because of this victory that the eyes of the grassroots are now on Delhi. Dola Sen, Purnendu Basu and Subrata Boxira have relied on Mamata Banerjee for the last four decades. This time the fight in Delhi is much bigger. The experience of this veteran will be useful to him. But I want a new worthy face to see that the grassroots level, i.e. the lower echelons of the organization, is not harmed in any way, so that communication is not disrupted in any way. Mamata did not bring up the newcomers without thinking about all this.

Above all, the Trinamool leader wants one person to formulate one post. He wants to implement the work but wants a new face in leadership. Akchaakchi will also stop with the position in the triumph of this newcomer, this theory cannot be abandoned. These seven and five thoughts have shaped the team.

This decision is apparently considered as a masterstroke by Mamata. The body language of all the new and old is also very positive. However, the sweetness of the fruit is gradually evident.

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