Youth Dies in Kolkata: A young man drowned in Panchsayar

#Kolkata: On Sunday, an eighteen-year-old boy named Vishal Mallick went down to bathe in a pond in Panchsayar area. On the same day, he came from Bihar to attend a function at a relative’s house. According to family sources, Vishal went to bathe in a nearby pond with some of his relatives at around 3 pm after eating and drinking. He was seen swimming in the water for a while. But in the middle of crossing the pond, he suddenly disappeared. After not seeing Bishal for some time, relatives and neighbors started looking for Bishal. After that the net was given in the pond.

But even after that no trace of Bishal was found and the police was informed. The members of the disaster management office came running. Divers are lowered into the pond. But despite repeated operations, they failed to remove the body. According to police sources, the rescue team had to face some difficulties to find the body. The first is the possibility of the body moving elsewhere to cast a net in the pond. Second is the loss of visibility due to dimming of light and occasional rain. However, the members of the Disaster Management Office repeatedly went down to the pond and continued the rescue work.

Witnesses said no abnormalities were noticed in the giant after it entered the water. He had been swimming for some time. But after a while, relatives and neighbors began to suspect that he was not getting up. Then the net is thrown into the pond. After searching for a long time, the police was informed as there was no profit. Shortly afterwards, members of the police and disaster management department arrived in the area. The search began. Divers are also lowered into the pond. But they also failed.

Residents of the panic-stricken area caused such incidents. Their statement is that the children come to play every day in the field next to the pond. When the ball falls into the water, they pick it up. As a result, there is a risk of danger. Some of the guardians have demanded the administration to immediately surround the pond next to the field. Police have started searching for the body and investigating how the incident took place.


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