Abhishek Banerjee claims TMC will now aim to win other states Will the Trinamool contest in Modi Shah’s Gujarat too? News18 Bangla News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress will not only fight for votes, but also for power in other states. This was demanded by Abhishek Banerjee after taking charge as the All India General Secretary However, Abhishek said that no decision has been taken yet on which states will contest the Trinamool elections. Abhishek said it would take at least a month to take a preliminary decision in this regard

On this day, Abhishek said at Trinamool Bhaban, ‘This is another Trinamool Now we will not fight in other states just to increase the vote share Our goal is to have a majority in other states as well. ” Incidentally, the idea in the political arena is that the Trinamool will jump to power in Tripura in 2023 after a landslide victory in Bengal. Even in the past, Trinamool could not get special benefits by contesting elections in Tripura However, Abhishek said the decision on which parties would contest in which states, whether to form an alliance with the Congress or any other regional party, would be taken at a later date.

One of the goals of making Abhishek the All India General Secretary is to spread the Trinamool to other states Because after the election in Bengal, a strong wind has been created again under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee Taking advantage of this favorable mood, the Trinamool leader aims to expand the party to other states as well. Abhishek, however, said that he could not think of the states he would visit on his own But within a month, he will make his plan Confident Abhishek said, ‘If I go to contest in any state, I will not go for one or two seats. I will not increase the share of votes. This grassroots is different from the previous grassroots. This time we will take the goal of the absolute majority party in that state.

We want to be the first choice of the people of the state we are going to. ‘ Abhishek said on the day that after winning the Bengal elections, at least one lakh people from different states had e-mailed their support to the grassroots. Among those who have expressed support are people from different walks of life, said the newly-appointed Trinamool All India General Secretary. Abhishek was directly asked on this day, will the Trinamool contest in Gujarat too? Without denying the possibility, Abhishek replied, ‘I will not say anything about this right now Because no decision has been made For now, I leave this speculation to you. ‘

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