Fly infestation in Nabanna meeting room, Mamata is very annoyed in the middle of the meeting

#Kolkata: ‘The one that was a fly ….’ Not one, but a few flies entered the Nabanna assembly hall on Monday afternoon. However, while Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was holding a meeting, a group of flies attacked. It was also a matter of embarrassing the journalists and the top officials of the government. Beakkle fly flew straight in front of the Chief Minister himself began to fly. In the middle of the meeting, the Chief Minister also got annoyed with the frequent fly infestation. He tried to repel the fly at least three times with disinfectant spray. Not only that, the Chief Minister is angry that things like repelling insects are not taken care of properly.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee held a review meeting in Navanne on various issues such as announcing the cancellation of secondary and higher secondary education, distribution of relief to Yas and dealing with natural calamities. While the Chief Minister was delivering his speech, a group of flies suddenly started flying in front of him Annoyed, the Chief Minister said, “There are always flies here.” After that, the Chief Minister himself started spraying the disinfectant

But even that did not stop the infestation of flies They came back in a few minutes Three or four flies can be seen circling on the table in front of the Chief Minister From time to time, the Chief Minister used to chase flies with his hands Even the top officials of the government present in the Nabanna assembly hall were uncomfortable at that time As soon as she spoke, Mamata sprayed the germs twice more At one point in the middle of his speech, while spraying disinfectant, he said, ‘What flies are not going? I will give it as soon as I see it ‘

The Chief Minister was then asked whether the spray used to repel insects would be used. However, the Chief Minister rejected the proposal saying that it would not be right to do so in a crowded meeting room However, the flies could not be brought to the bag by spraying disinfectant Asked why the spray used to repel insects was not given in the meeting room before the meeting started, the Chief Minister said, “Doors and windows should be kept closed for a while by spraying in advance.” No one sees them. ‘

After meeting the fly infestation, the meeting of the Chief Minister ended well Top government officials also breathed a sigh of relief

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