Governor jagdeep dhankhar and tmc mp mahua moitra clash on osd in raj bhavan, swajanposhan karini

Kolkata: Is Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar running the family system in Raj Bhavan? On Sunday, Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra tweeted about the ‘OSD’ at the Raj Bhavan. At the same time, Mahua sneered at the governor and wrote, “Only if you go back to Delhi and find another job will the situation in the state improve.” And 24 hours did not pass after that tweet of Mahua. The governor denied the allegations against him.

Mahua tweeted ‘allegations of nepotism’ against Jagdeep Dhankhar. And Dhankhar wrote in a counter tweet, ‘The allegation of Mahua Maitra tweeting about the recruitment of 6 OSDs is completely wrong. Those with OSD are residents of three different states. They are of 4 different colors. And none of them are close to me. Even 4 people are not residents of my state, not even of my caste. ‘

Not only that, besides dismissing the allegations of nepotism raised against him, Dhankhar has again attacked Mamata Banerjee. In another tweet tagging Mamata, he wrote, ‘The law and order situation in the state is worrisome. And this allegation has been brought to divert attention from that situation. But according to the constitution, I will do what I do for the people of the state.

However, Trinamool MP Mahua did not hesitate to retaliate against the governor. Shortly after Dhankhar’s tweet, he again addressed the Governor on Twitter with a list of all the information including the names of the ‘OSDs’ of the Raj Bhavan. There was a request to inform how those 7 people were appointed in Raj Bhavan. After that, referring to the BJP’s IT cell, Mahua wrote, ‘The BJP’s IT cell will not be able to bring you out of here. It seems that the post of the Vice President of the country has remained elusive.

On Sunday morning, the governor wrote to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s government, “The law and order situation in the state is very worrying. The security situation is being seriously compromised. I called the chief secretary on June 7. ” After that, Mahua Maitra brought an explosive allegation of nepotism against the governor on Twitter.

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