Kolkata municipal corporation vaccination model to be followed in Bengal Not wanting to stand in line, the state wants to vaccinate in the way shown by Kolkata Municipality – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The state government is now in the process of launching coronary immunization services across the state, similar to the Kolkata municipality. This instruction has already been sent to every district magistrate through the health department As a result, people no longer have to wait in long lines to get the vaccine You can know in advance at home, when and where the vaccine will be available

Kolkata Municipality has launched a WhatsApp number to reduce harassment of city dwellers for vaccination. The applicant will be informed when, where and when the vaccine will be given after submitting certain information by contacting that number. As a result, it is possible to avoid overcrowding at immunization centers, as well as reducing harassment.

The state government has planned to start vaccination in the entire state in this manner On behalf of the health department, all the district magistrates have been asked to prepare for this matter. In particular, sub-divisions of each district should have at least one center for vaccination. A video conference was also held with the district magistrates on Saturday on behalf of the health department, sources said.

Co-Win app and portal were launched by the central government to get the vaccine in time But in most cases, even if you register on the portal, there is no time to apply for the vaccine. As a result, almost everyone had to go to the vaccination center, stand in line and wait a long time to get the vaccine. In many cases chaos was being created To avoid such harassment, the state health department has taken initiative to introduce Kolkata Municipality model in the entire state.

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