Kolkata: Take time to reach your destination, long traffic jam on EM bypass! Find out when the match will be released?

Kolkata: Ultodanga from Mukundapur. Every day you can cross this road on an empty road in just twenty minutes. It took exactly one and a half hours to cross that path on the first day of the week. Shyamshri Pal, an IT worker, left his southern home to deliver medicine to his elderly parents. Who knew, it would take so long to get through the traffic jam! Less than cars and horses on the road due to administration restrictions! But even on Monday, there was heavy traffic across the EM bypass in the Science City area.

Traffic pressure since morning. As time goes on, the traffic jam has increased by leaps and bounds. Ambedkar Bridge between Ruby Junction and Science City. KMDA is repairing the Ambedkar Bridge in the first week of June after load testing in March. As a result, one side of the busiest bridge in the city is closed. Repairs are underway to stop Ruby from Science City. As a result, two-way vehicles are traveling from Science City to Ruby Junction and from Ruby Junction to Science City through half of the bridge. The speed of the car has slowed down normally. The pressure on the car has increased. During the busy hours of the day, at other times too, a long line of vehicles can be seen on both sides of the Ambedkar Bridge.

At other times of the year, city dwellers are getting excited to cross the bridge that can be easily crossed on the EM bypass, from north to south or from south to north of the city. The road from Science City to Ruby will be closed till next Wednesday at Ambedkar Bridge. Work will begin on Thursday on the road from Ruby to Science City.

As a result, one side of the Ambedkar Bridge will be closed till June 14 and vehicles will travel in the other direction, the administration said. As usual, the city dwellers will have to cross the Ambedkar Bridge by June 14 to reach their destination on the other side of the city.


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