‘Many BJP MLAs want to come’, ‘new’ debut in Gerua-Ghar panicked!

Kolkata: He explained in a press conference that he would run ‘to the end’ to fulfill the responsibility given to him. Yes, Abhishek Banerjee, the new All India General Secretary of the Trinamool Congress, held a stormy press conference at the Trinamool Bhaban on the edge of the bypass on Monday. On the one hand, attacking the Leader of the Opposition Shuvendu Adhikari, on the other hand, his determination to spread the grassroots in the Vinh state, Abhishek explained that his goal is far away. At the same time, he panicked the state BJP and said, “Not only those who have lost, but many who have become MLAs after winning for the BJP, want to join the party.” Mamata Banerjee has left this decision in the hands of the working committee. This will be decided in the next meeting.

And the defectors? Politicians say that if BJP MLAs are included in the party, Abhishek Banerjee will not leave the grassroots leaders. Mamata Banerjee welcomed the defectors on the day the results were announced. And since then, the line of defectors has practically fallen to return to the grassroots. Abhishek’s message today can bring them relief too.

However, Abhishek has repeatedly made it clear that he is the party’s all-India general secretary. He said firmly, ‘This grassroots should not be confused with the previous grassroots. I will inform the concrete plan within a month. If I go to a state to vote, I will not fight for one or two seats. I will not increase the share of votes. This grassroots is different from the previous grassroots. If I go to Vine State this time, I will go with the goal of becoming the absolute majority party in that state. ‘

Ever since Abhishek was made the party’s all-India general secretary, the BJP has again accused the Trinamool of ‘familism’. On that day, the residents of Kalighat directly targeted the leaders of Delhi in that context. He said, ‘On the one hand, the BJP says that there is no grassroots outside Bengal. They are upset when I get a new responsibility. I will request Amit Malviya to go to the higher authorities of Delhi. Let them bring a bill where it will be said that one representative from each family can come into politics or be involved in the relevant matter. I have repeatedly said this in public. But they do not have the power.

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