Mohan Bhagwat’s Blue Tick Controversy Against CAA

Kolkata: Two separate events. But whether the new Trinamool youth president Saayoni Ghosh linked the two incidents together or attacked the BJP-RSS. At the same time, she explained that even if she enters politics as an actress, she will continue to enter politics. In fact, the Center has recently asked non-Muslim refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh to apply for Indian citizenship. The Union Home Ministry has also issued a guideline in this regard. Again, on the other hand, Twitter removed the blue tick from the Twitter account of Vice President Benakia Naidu, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. Later, under pressure, the blue tick came back to the account of the two. But this time Saini attacked BJP-RSS by combining both the fields. Saini wrote on Twitter, “You can’t catch your own blue tick when you go to ask for proof of citizenship.” He has made his statement clear in a few words.

Incidentally, this time the grassroots came to power with a huge majority, but many star faces of the ruling party have lost the vote. And Sayani Ghosh is one of them. Despite losing to BJP’s star candidate Agnimitra Pal from Asansol South Center, Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee has appointed Saini as the party’s youth wing president. And Saini said with responsibility, if you want to do politics, you have to go down to the field. And at the beginning of the new political innings, the issue of citizenship was Saini’s target.

Incidentally, when the CAA Act was enacted in 2019, there was a storm of protests in different parts of the country. Even in 2020, violence broke out in Delhi over the law. According to the CAA – the oppressed non-Muslim minorities of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan – such as Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Persians and Christians – who arrived in India before 31 December 2014, will be granted citizenship. The NRC debate is also in that context. And after getting the political responsibility, Saini has linked the issue with the issue of removing the blue tick from Mohan Bhagwat’s Twitter account.

In this context, let’s say that the prominent people of the society who are popular among the common people, their Twitter account is given a verified tag with a blue tick. Mohan Bhagwat also had that blue tick. But recently Twitter removed it. However, when it came to removing the Blue Tick, Twitter said that if a profile had not been logged in for 6 months or more, the account would be considered inactive. It is also being checked whether there is more than one fake profile in the name of one person, so that the rush to spread fake news can be stopped. It is for this reason that the blue tick in the accounts of RSS leaders like Vice President Benakia Naidu, Mohan Bhagwat, Suresh Soni, Arun Kumar, Suresh Vyaji Joshi and Krishna Kumar was removed. Later, when there was a fight over it, Twitter returned the blue tick.

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