Repeatedly, why are accidents happening on the flyover of the mother of the kite thread! Now what …

#Kolkata: “Jatai Ghuri Orao Raate, Latai To Amar Hate” – This popular Bengali movie song is widely circulated. Don’t panic Rose kite thread accidents are happening on the mother flyover Every day there are accidents on the mother flyover That is why the police officers are repeatedly warning

Bike accidents happen on a daily basis Despite having so many rules, why not stop? What are the police officers saying, KMDA or what are you thinking? The question is, why are there so many accidents on the flyover of the mother flyover? Why can’t the police control something even with so many rules? Where is the fault ..? Why can’t it be stopped even with so many police guards?

Several initiatives have already been taken by the Kolkata Traffic Police and KMDA and the police station to prevent accidents on kite thread. On behalf of Kolkata Traffic, KMDA has been informed to wrap the entire mother flyover like a standing pole and fencing with it. According to Lalbazar sources, various initiatives have been taken to curb Chinese manja But apart from Chinese manja, accidents are also happening in such ordinary yarn The mother stuck the kite somewhere on the flyover and the kite thread stuck somewhere

Kolkata Police DC Traffic Arijit Sinha said, “We are looking into the matter. We have already informed KMDA to wrap or wrap the entire flyover with poles. KMDA has projected that pilot in certain parts of the flyover. A letter was sent to KMDA on behalf of Lalbazar Traffic in March. The sooner they do this, the less accidents there will be. “

According to Lalbazar sources, 1) a team has been kept for surveillance .. 2) Chinese manja and kite have been seized in several places. 3) Arrests are also going on 4) Miking is being done in the area on behalf of the police

5) Even though Chinese manja can be banned, it is still not possible to ban kite flying

6) But it is difficult to stop completely if there is no awareness among the people However, despite the strict rules on the part of the police, there is no way to reduce the number of accidents. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required Only then is it possible to prevent road accidents

Arpita Hazra

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