This time he made his debut at Sudip Bandyopadhyay’s house, bowed and asked for blessings

#Kolkata: On Sunday, he met Perth Chatterjee, Subrata Bokshi and Subrata Mukherjee. Today, Abhishek Banerjee reached the house of another senior party leader and MP Sudip Banerjee on Monday. After taking over the responsibility, Abhishek also sought blessings from this senior leader of the party

Last Saturday, Abhishek was appointed as the All India General Secretary of the Trinamool Congress Shortly afterwards, the Diamond Harbor MP went to the home of three senior party leaders on Sunday The young leader took the necessary advice from the three senior leaders Courtesy of Abhishek, Subrata Boxi 7 became emotional

In the evening, Trinamool MP went to Sudip Bandyopadhyay’s house in Maulali He bowed at Sudipbabu’s feet with his hands The Trinamool All India General Secretary had a brief chat with Sudip Babu, a Trinamool leader in the Lok Sabha and an MP from Kolkata North.

Abhishek has practically grown from small to large in front of the eyes of these veteran grassroots leaders like Perth Chatterjee, Subrata Bokshi, Sudip Banerjee. He has also gradually become রাজনীতি in politics After meeting Abhishek, Sudipbabu said, ‘He used to stay with me from a young age. In Delhi, Mamata and I lived in the same house as MPs. From then on he would go. I have known him since then. After Mamata Banerjee, she has proved her skills in the election by leading from the front People have recognized him as an acceptable leader Having the responsibility of such a big team, his goal will be to expand the team Which states should be our target, the group has discussed various issues like formulating one person one post policy. It is learned that Abhishek Banerjee will also visit the house of another senior Trinamool MP Saugat Roy on Tuesday.

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