WB Lightning Death: 26 killed in lightning strike in state, Abhishek to reach home of dead within 72 hours

#Kolkata: The death toll from lightning strikes in the state is on the rise. According to the latest figures, 26 people were killed in thunderstorms in several districts of South Bengal on Monday afternoon. The death toll could rise further. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed grief over the death of so many people in one day due to natural calamities In addition, the central government has announced compensation for the dead and injured The Prime Minister’s Office has tweeted that the families of those killed in the lightning strike will be given financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh. The injured will get 50 thousand rupees Besides, the state has also announced compensation of Rs 2 lakh. It is learned that Abhishek Banerjee, the new All India General Secretary of the Trinamool Congress, will meet the families of the deceased within the next 72 hours.

On this day, 9 people died in Hughli district alone due to lightning 9 more died in Murshidabad Six people have been killed in a lightning strike at Chandrakona in West Midnapore News of death due to lightning has also been received from Nadia’s Navadwip Five people were electrocuted by lightning while working on a field in Mirzapur Naoda area of ​​Raghunathganj police station in Murshidabad district. Several others were injured. They were admitted to Jangipur Hospital. They were struck by lightning while working in the field on Monday afternoon and were electrocuted and seriously injured. The deceased were identified as Duryodhan Das, 35, Mazaharul Sheikh, 18, Hannan Sheikh, Sunil Das and Saddam Sheikh. Police recovered the body and sent it to the morgue of Jangipur Sub-Divisional Hospital for autopsy. The injured are being treated at Jangipur Sub-Divisional Specialty Hospital. The incident has cast a shadow over the show. Another died in a lightning strike at Suti police station. Abhijit Biswas, 40, and Prahlad Murari, 42, were killed in a lightning strike at Banjetia in Bahrampur. They were struck by lightning while walking on the road.

A man named Arun Mandal (40) died in a lightning strike in Jara area of ​​Chandrakona. According to local sources, Arun Mandal is a farmer by profession. While sifting sesame seeds next to the house, he was suddenly injured by lightning. When the locals took him to Kshirpai Rural Hospital, the doctor declared him dead. A woman named Archana Roy (35) died in a lightning strike in Hiradharpur area of ​​Chandrakona.

Heavy rain with thunderstorms at various places in Hooghly. A man named Harun Rashid (40) was killed in a lightning strike in Polbar Mahanad. A woman named Sushmita Kole (32) died in a lightning strike at Nasibpur village in Hughli. The accident happened while working in the backyard. A farmer woman was killed in a lightning strike at Khanservheri village of the police station yesterday. The accident happened while working on the land. Sanjeev Samanta, 43, of Chapadanga village under Tarkeshwar police station and Dilip Ghosh, 50, of Haripal police station were killed in a lightning strike on Monday afternoon. A total of five people died in the natural disaster in the afternoon. These five people died in separate incidents. The incident casts a shadow of mourning over the area. The deceased have been identified as Hemant Guchait (42), Malvika Guchait (32), Kanai Lahari (7), Anand Roy (35) and Shishir Adhikari (62), police said. Jyotsna Adhikari and Malti Lahari were injured. Among them Hemant and Malvika are husband and wife. Shishir and Jyotsna are husband and wife again. On the other hand, a man named Anand Roy (35) also died in a lightning strike at Narsinghbati in Goghat. It is learned that at the time of the incident, he had gone to the field next to his house to work on the land when lightning struck him.

A young man was struck by lightning while bathing in the Ganges on the new island of Nadia. The youth’s name is Madhu Das, age 35 years. According to local sources, he went to bathe at Ganga Ghat in Ranirchara of Navadwip this afternoon. At that time it started raining with lightning. At that time the young man was injured by lightning. He was later rescued by locals and taken to hospital, where doctors declared him dead.

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