26 lives were lost in one day! Why increasing lightning! Find out the real reason …

#Kolkata: In one day, 26 people lost their lives in lightning in Bengal. Disasters like Yas were not as deadly. But one evening a storm took the lives of ordinary people who went to work in the fields. Nine people died in Murshidabad district, 11 in Hughli district, three in West Midnapore, two in Bankura district and one in East Midnapore district. Compensation of Rs 2 lakh for the family of the deceased on both sides in the state-center. But the question is why there are so many deaths in lightning strikes, or why lightning is increasing in this way!

Meteorologists say that April, May and June are the three months with frequent thunderstorms. Moreover, cyclone Yash has recently hit Bengal and Orissa. As a result of this cyclone, a large amount of water vapor has entered the state. Cumulonimbus cloud is formed. This has created a storm-rain environment.

But the rains in May-June have been in the past. The death of 28 people in a single day is quite unusual. Why is this happening? Experts are looking at several reasons for this lightning. The type of airflow for high-rise flats has changed in the last few years. That is why the incidence of lightning is increasing. Another big factor is the lack of green. In the past it was a blessing to have more plants. Plants to prevent lightning. But the concrete jungle has engulfed the green as a result and the incidence of lightning is increasing. Scientists think that lightning is an integral part of pollution. Construction in the city is coming down as a curse. Asphalt roads and concrete buildings are being built, the temperature is rising. As a result, lightning is also increasing.

There is also unconsciousness behind this death. Many people were in agriculture on Monday. Environmentalists have repeatedly said that when lightning strikes, one must stay indoors or in a shed. Note that on Monday, the Meteorological Department also issued warnings of thunderstorms. Informed quarters think that this message is not being conveyed to the common people properly and the danger is increasing.

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