Abhishek Banerjee: Crowded program, Abhishek was running next to the family of the deceased in the lightning strike

#Kolkata: He reached the area affected by Hurricane Yas. This time Abhishek Banerjee is going to visit the houses of the victims of the lightning strike. From tomorrow, the party’s new all-India leader will travel to Murshidabad, Hooghly and Medinipur districts to meet family members. According to sources, he will go to Murshidabad district tomorrow noon He will go there to Bahrampur and Raghunathaganj. The day after tomorrow he will go to Hughli district Go to Khanakul, Tarakeswar and Polbay. Next Friday he will go to Ranibandh, Pandua and Chandrakona.

9 people died in Murshidabad district, 11 in Hughli district, 3 in West Midnapore, 2 in Bankura district and 1 in East Midnapore district. Although there is no schedule to go to East Midnapore for the time being, he will go everywhere else. Shortly after taking office, he said he wanted to work alongside people. So he is making this visit to stand by the victims of natural disasters. The administration is certainly helping. But Abhishek Banerjee wants to give this message that the grassroots are also on the political side.

According to the political circles, Abhishek Banerjee is actually becoming a public leader. Abhishek studied management from Delhi. But the mind was in politics. Mamata finally came to power in 2011, ending a 34-year left-wing government. After that, ‘youth’ was formed in the grassroots. Parallel organizations were formed along with youth organizations. Abhishek got the responsibility of that organization. Abhishek got his first Lok Sabha ticket from Diamond Harbor in 2014 while working for the organization. And at the beginning of the parliamentary politics, he started the innings with practically six hits. But Mamata’s ‘nephew’ has been criticized for getting her debut ticket. The ‘nephew’ controversy that has haunted him to this day. Abhishek, however, has repeatedly said that he did not get any special privilege to be the nephew of the team leader. Pelলে would get tickets from South Kolkata for the Lok Sabha polls, not from ‘tough’ Diamond Harbor.

Abhishek was the youngest MP in the 2016 Lok Sabha. And Abhishek has more responsibility to become an MP. Instead of Shuvendu Adhikari, the responsibility of the Trinamool Youth Organization was handed over to Abhishek. Shuvendu is still carrying that anger. He has even repeatedly raised the issue on behalf of the BJP in this election campaign. However, Abhishek wants to go from being a leader to becoming a public leader. Whether it is Yas or death by lightning, Abhishek is by the side of the people.

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