Abhishek Banerjee: Prostration of Saugat Roy with hands and feet, with Tarja Shuvendu

#Kolkata: Planned in advance. Similarly, Trinamool’s newly nominated All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee went to the house of Saugat Roy, a veteran leader of the party. Shuvendu Adhikari, keeping the heat of the polls alive, commented from Delhi today. Abhishek also turned north in the soft heat.

On this day, Subhendu Adhikari from Delhi commented, I am Subhendu Adhikari. I have lost the Chief Minister who won with 213 seats. It is not that I have won the election by using government power. After 2011, those who took to the streets with gold spoons in their mouths, with 2,000 policemen on the streets, hovering around in government helicopters, will not let Laxman Seth lose Mamata Banerjee to the ruling party against the current, like Shuvendu Adhikari. “

When Abhishek heard this message, he heard the news of Rajiv Banerjee’s dissonant post. Confident Abhishek’s statement, I don’t know who said what. I did not hear. I will request the BJP to settle their internal disputes before sitting among themselves. He pierced Shuvendu without naming him. He said, he said before and after the election, people have responded, I have heard that someone has said that it is not my level, I want to know what his level is. When my parents were talking three months ago, where was the level? I want to know his level. The man of the house is accused of triple theft. “

Abhishek is meeting all the senior leaders of the party after getting a big post. Some have become emotional courtesy of Abhishek, while others have slapped their backs and promised to stay by their side. Saugat Roy also gave tips to Abhishek on this day. In his words, I told Abhishek that I was very supportive that he was meeting experienced people in the party.

Asked what happened to Abhishek, Saugat Roy explained, “Abhishek understands that he has a lot of responsibility. He knows how to do it, he has new ideas and I told him about some of my experiences.”

-Abir Ghosal

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