Bengal Weathe Alert: Continuous thunderstorms, with strong thunderstorms forecast! Warning weather building

#Kolkata: Yas’s memory is still vivid in Bengal, with heavy rains and thunderstorms coming again. At least 26 people were killed across West Bengal in a lightning death on Monday. Of these, only seven died in Jangipur in Murshidabad. The Meteorological Department (IMD) on Tuesday warned the state’s administrative and disaster management department that there is a possibility of heavy rains and thunderstorms across the state.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself has already warned the people and the administration that there is a danger of a ban on the 11th and 26th. Various precautionary measures have been taken. This time the weather building is increasing the fear that the state may float in the rain once again. The storm may be accompanied by rain and there is a risk of another thunderstorm. That is the estimate of the Meteorological Department.

The warning of the administrative officials of the weather building

According to the Alipore Meteorological Department, it is likely to start raining with thunderstorms across the state from Tuesday. Heavy rainfall is expected especially in two 24 parganas, Jhargram, East Midnapore and large areas of Howrah. Besides, strong winds can blow at a speed of 30 to 40 kmph in West Midnapore and Birbhum.

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About 8 to 11 cm of rain may fall across Bengal. The districts of North Bengal were also not left out. According to the meteorological department, large areas of Kochbihar, Kalimpong and Jalpaiguri may get wet in the next two-three hours. However, meteorologists estimate that the people of Bengal are not getting rid of the intense heat right now. The maximum temperature in Kolkata today was 36 degrees Celsius. According to the weather forecast, the minimum temperature may be 25 degrees Celsius. Which is 2 degrees lower than normal. On the other hand, the relative humidity in the air is about 69%. Due to this, light rain may start in the afternoon.

There is a possibility of scattered rains in different parts of the state including Kolkata. Murshidabad district has also been warned by the Meteorological Department. At present a depression is forming in the North Bay. The monsoon is expected to enter Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Bengal due to this depression. But meteorologists estimate that West Bengal may once again float in the rain.

The monsoon will enter Bengal by June 11 with the Bay of Bengal low pressure. But before that, the Alipore Meteorological Department issued a warning about today’s disaster. Because the filled kotal can increase the power of the disaster. It has already been reported that the sky will be cloudy. People have also been warned of lightning.

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