BJP: Mukul-Rajibra not in BJP meeting! Dilip Ghosh does not know why Shuvendu in Delhi!

#Kolkata: Votes have been met for many days. But the second wave of Corona was obstructing. As the pace of the transition slowed, the front-line leaders of the state BJP sat down for a meeting at the Hastings office on Tuesday afternoon. However, Mukul Roy was not seen at the meeting in Hastings on Tuesday. Rajiv Banerjee was also present at the meeting.

Today, while the BJP in Hastings is discussing various issues, Shuvendu Adhikari is in Delhi. Talking to JP Nadda, Amit Shah. Just as it is not clear to the political circles what exactly caused Shuvendu to go to Delhi, his party’s state secretary Dilip Ghosh is not well aware of the issue. When asked about this, he said, “I knew the meeting was. I don’t know why it went. The leaders of Shuvendu or Delhi will be able to say. Maybe it went in case of some urgent need.” The distance between the BJP state president and the Leader of the Opposition is becoming clear from this loose remark like the informed quarters.

On the other hand, there are various speculations about the absence of Mukul Roy in the meeting. However, the argument goes that since Mukul Roy is not a member of the state committee, he should not be present at the meeting. On the other hand, his wife is also ill. He himself is still not very settled. And Mukul’s son Shuvrangshu has been increasing the distance with the team for several days. But Rajiv’s inactivity is eye-catching. Note that Arjun Singh and Sabyasachi Dutta have come to the meeting.

The BJP had been speculating about the meeting for several days. The question was whether this meeting was also a grassroots organizational reshuffle? According to sources, this is not the case at all. The main agenda of this meeting is to return the victims of the violence to their homes. As well as creating a blueprint for future work. The state BJP wants to bridge the gap that has been created between the top leadership as a result of the vote rigging with the district leaders through talks. Moreover, today’s meeting may discuss how it will be possible to implement the plan if the fronts want to take a plan in the immediate situation.

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