Madan Mitra: Madan Mitra live after the fire episode! ‘Oh lovely’

#Kolkata: Fighting on social media, Madan Mitra’s house caught fire. Fans have thrown thousands of questions on social media since morning. After extinguishing the fire, Madan Mitra, MLA of Kamarhati, son of Bhabanipur’s house, came back on Facebook live by giving time in advance on social media.

Madan Mitra’s house in Bhabanipur caught fire this morning. COPD patient Madan’s body was somehow pushed. Madan Mitra was heard praising the work of the government wearing a red vest and oxygen mask to put out the fire. But why Madan Mitra, who is hugely popular on social media, is not coming live and saying anything. How is he? What happened? There were thousands of such questions.

So as soon as the clock struck 1:20, he indicated that he was coming ‘live’. However, last Saturday Mamata Banerjee threatened Madan Mitra. The team has to be embarrassed more than once with his live on various issues. After this strict rule of the party leader, Madan Mitra’s live on social media has decreased. However, he is really interested in live with his followers Even today he did not do otherwise. Madan Mitra, however, appeared live from SSKM Hospital in 8 minutes and 40 seconds. Because on this day he was in the food distribution program for the patient and his family members organized by Trinamool Chhatra Parishad.

On the one hand, he fired at the BJP. On the other hand, he praised Abhishek’s work. Madan Mitra says live, “Seeing that my house is on fire, the BJP office is on fire. Madan Mitra is a man who cannot be touched by fire.” The wind can’t hit. Fear cannot hurt anyone. Abhishek This name is selfish. I am working with a great team. You can’t think. CPM was 34 years old. Ever thought patients would eat for free. Chest X-ray would cost 50 rupees. Now X-ray, operation, food are all free It takes 5,000 to five stars to make this meal? We feed 10,000 people with that money. We will feed people as long as we can. I will choose 20 boys and feed them every day People have to understand that after losing in Bengal, Modi can suddenly say that he is vaccine free. But even if we win, we will feed people for free. They will also lose in 5 states. This time it is not just Hinduism. This time there will be a fight. Modi-Amit have no language. Is the vaccine theirs? That’s human. After that we will give a gift with the vaccine. Remember my name. Mamata Banerjee will lead the alliance. Student council, youth will take to the streets. I will go to the procession. I talked to Saini. “

However, he did not forget to say his signature tone “Oh Lovely” on Facebook Live.

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