‘Natural disasters, nature is helpful’ – the state government is bringing a new project

#: Cyclones hit the state every year according to the rules. Besides, the state has to be worried about various natural calamities. The state is launching a new project on how to use natural resources to deal with natural disasters. The State Environment Department has named the new project, Natural Disaster, Nature Aid.

Discussions are already underway with Nabanna on how the new project will proceed State Environment Minister Ratna De Nag said, “Environmental pollution is a complex problem. No one can deal with it. Each of us needs to be aware. We have to protect forests, soil, wetlands. ‘ In addition, the state government wants to take strict action against the East Calcutta wetland quickly. This East Kolkata wetland provides oxygen to the city. As a result, if this wetland cannot be protected, water crisis will start in Kolkata and surrounding districts. Natural resources will be wasted. Therefore, the state government has taken a project worth Tk 120 crore to save this wetland. Minister Ratna De Nag said, “East Kolkata wetlands act as the lungs of Kolkata in controlling pollution. So we have to protect it.

Additional Chief Secretary of the Environment Department Vivek Kumar said, ‘East Kolkata wetlands are an environmental resource. We can call it the lungs and kidneys of the city. We have a five-year plan on how to protect these resources. 120 crore plan. There are five issues. How to stop someone from attacking this wetland! That is the legal aspect. Moreover, those who are working in fisheries or agriculture will see how we can work in their organic system centered on this wetland. Will be researched. Moreover, Coastal Zonal Management Plan has been prepared for Digha and Sundarbans. It will work like that. ‘


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