Rajeeb Banerjee: ‘There is a lot of criticism’! This time Rajiv Banerjee is out of tune

#Kolkata: This time Rajiv Banerjee is out of tune. Mukul’s son Shuvrangshu’s words echoed in his throat. While the top leaders of the party were meeting in Hastings, Rajiv Banerjee won the hearts of the people and posted a Facebook post against the criticism of the Asha government in power. And now the noise in the political arena is surrounding his post. Naturally, the question arises whether Rajiv is actually in favor of self-criticism, whether he also wants to go back to the affection of the grassroots leader like Sonali Guha!

Rajeev wrote on Facebook, “There is a lot of criticism. The people of Bengal will not take it well if they show Delhi and Section 357 poker in words to criticize the elected government which has won huge support of the people and to oppose the Chief Minister. We should all rise above politics To be by the side of the people of Bengal.

Clearly Rajiv is opposing the party’s policy and position. While various allegations are being made on behalf of the party, including the distribution of vaccines, repeated allegations of vote-rigging, Rajiv is standing up against this without any hesitation. Rajiv is even openly conveying the message that he does not like the opposition of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Remember that when Rajiv is making this comment today, Shuvendu Adhikari is in Delhi. He is handing over the complaint of vote-violence to Modi Shah. In other words, Rajeev’s position is also opposite to that of Shuvendur. The day that Raj has chosen to criticize the party’s position is significant as today the BJP has formed a committee to maintain law and order. The committee is ready to take action against anti-party comments.

Hastings had the first BJP meeting today after Corona’s second push. Rajiv Banerjee in that meeting. Mukul Roy did not come. However, Rajiv has not been participating in any of the party’s programs for several days. This post on her again. However, whether Rajiv is self-criticizing, whether Rajiv is trying to return to the grassroots, his post is giving rise to the question.

Before the assembly vote, Trinamool leader’s beloved Rajiv also left the Trinamool Congress. But the difference was with the rest, he did not speak directly about Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Instead, he left the assembly with a picture of the Chief Minister in his hand, floating in tears. The soft-spoken Rajiv also said that he would always respect Mamata Banerjee. Is he really standing on his own two feet now after the vote rigging, the answer will come soon.

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