Soumitra Khan On Rajib: ‘Do you remember losing 42,000 votes?’ Soumitra attacked Rajiv on Twitter

#Kolkata: Waiting for the change of team again? On Tuesday, Rajib Banerjee posted a post on his Twitter account, sparking renewed excitement in state politics. And that is why the message of leaving the Padma forest and returning to the grass seems to have become stronger. Rajiv posted a picture on Twitter that day and wrote, ‘There is a lot of criticism. The people of Bengal will not take it well if the criticism of the elected government, which has won huge support from the people, goes against the Chief Minister and shows Delhi and Section 375 poker in words. ” Saumitra Khan, the president of the BJP’s Youth Front and an MP from Bishnupur in Bankura, took to the field after the news of Rajiv’s explosive post was leaked.

Rajiv Bandyopadhyay further wrote, “We should all stand by the people of Bengal who are devastated by this calamity above politics.” After this post of Rajiv Banerjee, the rumors in the state politics seem to have increased the speculation anew. So Rajiv also wants to fall in love with Mamata Banerjee like Sonali-Sarlade? That is the question that arises.

Retweeting Rajiv Banerjee’s tweet, Soumitra Khan wrote, ‘Remember after losing by 42,000 votes? With more than 42 BJP workers dead, remaining silent means supporting the ruling party. The Modi government is providing free vaccines, oxygen and all kinds of help to Corona. Modi himself has come for the cyclone. Rs 400 crore has been given to the state. “

Soumitra Khan further wrote, ‘The central government will help whatever more damage is done. We are the opposition party and we will help in the formation work of the government It is better to be by the side of BJP workers than to be silent. If not, bring the picture on the back of the car back to the front seat. ” Soumitra Khan then tweeted, “This is not a party statement, it is my own opinion.”

Soumitra Khan was also rumored in state politics for several days. But a few days ago, he poured water on the speculation and said, “There is no question of leaving the BJP.” Before the BJP meeting in Hastings today, Soumitra Khan said, “The day Abhishek Banerjee joins the BJP, I will go to the grassroots.” Soumitra Khan’s remarks made it clear that he was not leaving the BJP, nor would he give up the grassroots.

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