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Kolkata: Monday Just before it hit the ground, a Vista flight from Mumbai to Kolkata was hit by strong winds, shaking several times in a row. Eight passengers were injured due to it. Three of the injuries were serious. They were admitted to a private hospital.

According to Kolkata Airport sources, a Vistara flight was coming to Kolkata from Mumbai on Monday afternoon. Before the Calcutta airport could reach the ground, the wind began to blow in Kolkata. The passengers were in a state of shock after being hit by the storm. Many of them jumped and went from side to side. Several people were also injured. After a while, of course, the plane safely landed in Kolkata. However, at least five people were injured in the strong shock. Among them, Sudip Roy (36), Anita Agarwal (61) and Timir Baran Das were seriously injured. They have been admitted to the hospital. In addition, two others were injured. They were released after initial treatment. Everyone has a head injury. Two of them have lost their heads. The Vistara flight was scheduled to land in Kolkata at 4:22 pm And the incident happened in the sky between 4 pm and 4:05 pm

Preliminary investigations suggest the storm and wind caused the plane to shake several times before touching the ground. And that is why this danger lies. The plane was about 60 nautical miles away at the time of the crash. However, an official of the airport said, “Initially, it is believed that the accident was due to bad weather. However, a detailed investigation is looking into all the possibilities. Whether the speed was right, the direction or the direction, it remains to be seen. “

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