West Bengal Weather Update: there will be a depression and heavy rain fall caused by it in south Bengal

#Kolkata: After Monday’s disaster, depression is reappearing in the skies of Bengal. The meteorological office is forecasting heavy rains in South Bengal due to low pressure in the Bay of Bengal in the next few days. South Bengal has been warned of heavy rains from Thursday to Sunday. Meanwhile, it rained with lightning in different districts of South Bengal from noon to evening on Monday. At least 26 people were killed in lightning strikes in Hooghly, East Midnapore, Murshidabad and Nadia districts.

In the meantime, South Bengal is seeing a new thunder signal. The southern districts have not yet fully recovered from the aftermath of the Yas. The new four-day rain forecast is scaring the people of the area. In this situation, a warning has been issued to the city commissioner of Kolkata and all the district governors of the state on Monday night to deal with possible natural calamities.

It has been informed from the weather building that it will start raining from June 10. It will continue till June 14. The meteorological office also warned that the height of the waves would increase in the coastal areas. It will continue to rain in Kolkata and other districts of South Bengal for four days. Tidal inflation will also increase. The Alipore Meteorological Department said that the possibility of such rains has been created due to one low pressure in the Bay of Bengal during the pre-monsoon season before the onset of the monsoon.

According to the weather forecast, a warning issued by the State Disaster Management and Civil Defense Department, citing data provided by the Meteorological Department, has already consolidated a depression over the Bay of Bengal. It is likely to become stronger in the future. Due to this, there may be strong storms, rain and thunderstorms for the next 3 days starting from Thursday. As a result, the situation is likely to worsen in the aftermath of Cyclone Yas.

Nabanna’s guidelines call for continuing river and sea dam repairs during the war in coastal areas to deal with the disaster. In addition, the district magistrates have been asked to bring back the fishermen who have gone to sea and make arrangements to keep the residents of the coastal areas, especially the raw houses, in a safe place. At the same time, Nabanna also asked to pay attention to maintaining social distance in the cowardly situation.

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