3 ‘gurus’ among those caught in ATM fraud gave education to others! Would the stolen money be converted into dollars?

#Kolkata: New information in ATM case How could the fraudsters take so much money? According to intelligence sources, the miscreants would have taken crores of rupees into dollars In some cases bank transactions took place but in that case the accused used to open accounts with other fake documents. Who were the trainers in this gang? According to intelligence sources, there were three experts in the gang who used to open ATMs, install devices and loot money. These are the ones who are known to be training others in the team The arrested Abdul Saiful Mandal, Biswadeep Raut and others would decide who would stay in which hotel, which ATM, would look after the money transactions.

How did the gang of fraudsters plan for fraud?According to intelligence sources, the fraudulent gang had planned and carried out Reiki before conducting the operation in Kolkata. According to intelligence sources, the fraudsters planned ATM fraud in big metro cities like Kolkata. Investigators claim that after interrogating the detainees, it was found out that there is only one big gang of ATM fraudsters Who were divided into two A gang swindles ATMs in Kolkata and goes to Vinh State The other gang was caught fraudulently in Narayanpur in Bidhan Nagar Mohammad Naseem tried to flee from the airport after the arrest of three accused Sandeep Singh, Amit Gupta and Mohammad Vakel of the gang in Bidhannagar. Nasim was then arrested by the detectives of Calcutta Police Their plan was to set up ATM fraud in another metro city in the same modus operandi as soon as the Kolkata operation was over.

Where did the accused come from with this fraudulent equipment?Accused used to buy equipment for ATM fraud online According to intelligence sources, buying online is much safer than buying from a store So that no one would suspect that the tools would come online Whether this gang has any head abroad is also being investigated

How did Bishwadeep and Abdul, residents of Kasba in Kolkata, get acquainted with the accused gang in Delhi? According to intelligence sources, the accused had done Reiki six months before the incident Manoj and Naveen Gupta’s gang had an old acquaintance with the arrested Saiful The court ordered police custody till the 19th of this month when the arrested Mohammad Nasim was produced before the bankrupt court. Earlier, Delhi Police arrested Manoj Gupta, Naveen Gupta and Bishwadeep Raut and Abdul Saiful Mandal from Kolkata. Three people were also arrested from Bidhannagar in this incident All in all, investigators are investigating who else is involved in this huge gang

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