BJP Meeting: BJP accepted the external theory of the grassroots in the meeting! The difference between the team and the path is clear

#Kolkata: The BJP held a meeting with the party’s top leaders in Hastings on Tuesday to clear the mess. But the entanglement did not go away, but the original-new distance was evident. In a hair-raising analysis of the electoral failure, a large section of the BJP has largely accepted the external theory of the grassroots. Someone said that the Chief Minister did not have a face so he was drowned. Someone again admitted that Hindi-speaking central leaders could not create popularity. Although the original BJP is saying again, these are theories of imported foreigners. All in all, Kazi’s old picture could not be hidden at all.

Sabyasachi Dutt joined the meeting on that day. He unequivocally criticized the electoral strategy. Sabyasachi said, “Whatever happens when outsiders come and vote has happened. Money has been spent, but not spent in the right place.”

Before the election, the BJP suddenly decided to contest the MP vote. Suddenly Swapan Dasgupta, Nishith Pramanik, Locket Chatterjee were dropped to the ground. Arjun Singh and Locket Chatterjee have opposed this whimsical policy. Arjun’s question, I am an MP, the central leaders will not have any discussion with me before the candidate? In the same vein, Lockett said, “There were many mistakes in the selection of candidates. Suddenly MPs were nominated.” In Arjun’s face also came the external theory. He said, “Shall we learn the politics of Bengal from foreigners?”

Arjun Singh came to the BJP from the grassroots. But his arrival was not immediately before the vote. On the other hand, Sabyasachi Dutt is a bit new. His arrival took the hand of Mukul Roy. Obviously his clan is different. But he cannot be called a newcomer. However, in response to the pair’s criticism, Sayantan Bose was heard to say, “Those who were brought from the grassroots to the BJP and made big leaders were nominated. In today’s meeting, they were the most vocal in criticizing the central leaders and their tactics.” .

According to sources, Sabyasachi, who was once close to Mamata, had announced his master plan at a meeting on Tuesday. In order to put pressure on Mamata and create public opinion against the terror of the ruling party, Sabyasachi proposed to bring a part of the victim’s family to Calcutta and hold a dharna at the foot of the Gandhi statue. But his proposal was not accepted at the meeting.

There was a lot of controversy in Tuesday’s meeting. It is clear that multi-currents are playing inside the BJP. But most of the leaders agree that people could not be made aware of the benefits of many central projects due to linguistic (Hindi) problems. In other words, bringing Rajnath Singh, Smriti Irani, Yogi Adityanath seems to be grossly wrong.

Sabyasachi Dutt clarified the matter. In his words, “Apart from the Prime Minister, Amit Shah or JP Nadda, many Union leaders and ministers have come to the campaign but to no avail. Although Smriti Irani can speak in Bengali, people can hear him, but not the rest.” Needless to say, Sabyasachi is acknowledging that the people of this state have boycotted Hindi-speaking leaders.

His face is like a tone of self-criticism. He said, “We did not have a face against Mamata. Many people in POS areas like Bidhannagar have told me, your Chief Minister? Trinamool has done micromanagement. We have been in the macro. We have done big publicity. We have managed the booth.”

The meeting was also a wrong review of the team. But will the BJP learn from this mistake? The BJP has formed a three-member law and order committee on the same day. As a result, the practice of questioning how much time will remain in the coming days.

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