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#Kolkata: Coronavirus in Bengal has raised concerns about the Black Fungus. Black fungus is on the rise in the state. Three more people died on Wednesday due to Black Fungus Death in Bengal. The dead are all men. The three deceased were aged 42, 62 and 6 years respectively. With this, the number of deaths due to black fungus in the state increased to 11 people. Doctors have found the existence of this fungus in more than one new body.

On Wednesday, two more people were infected with black fungus. The total number of black fungus cases increased to 45 people. Indications of black fungus have also been found in the bodies of six new suspects. The total number of suspected victims rose to 93. A new suspect died Wednesday. She is a 32-year-old woman. A total of 19 people died of suspected black fungus.

A resident of Haridebpur died of the first black fungus infection in the state. But the infection did not stop there. Two patients from North Bengal also died of the infection last week. Doctors, however, say that one should be careful not to panic about this disease.

The state government has issued a general guideline on what kind of precautions should be taken. This fungus nests. The Department of Health says diabetes needs to be controlled to prevent this infection. Gloves need to be worn later. It is very important to stay clean. Soap should be used while bathing. Shoes, trousers and flower sleeves are recommended. In addition, rotten fruits, vegetables, bread, etc. should not be kept in the open space at home. Extra caution should be taken in places where there is dust and sand. The physician should check the patient’s steroid levels. If you want to take oxygen, you have to use filtered water in the humidifier.

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