College Street Coffee House: Good day, College Street Coffee House is opening on condition

#Kolkata: The second wave of the corona subsided a little. That is why the coffee house is reopening the nostalgic place for Bengalis. The coffee house is opening from Wednesday. However, the coffee house will be open for only three hours in compliance with government restrictions.

Multiple bans will continue at the same time. Tapan Pahari, secretary of Indian Coffee House Workers Co-operative Limited, said, “The coffee house will be open for only three hours in compliance with all government restrictions. Then the next step will be taken as per the instructions of the state government.

Last year, the coffee house was closed for the first time during the lockdown. Like everything to open the lockdown. There was a difference in the picture even after returning to the coffee house. The look changes quite a bit. Physical distance rules must be obeyed. So the number of tables was reduced. Multiple menus are omitted. It has been open since morning. However, the coffee house will be open this morning and in the afternoon. That’s only three hours. The coffee house will be open from 5 pm to 8 pm. The answer to why the coffee house is opening is in the state and Kolkata corona figures.

On the other hand, 5,426 people were infected with the corona virus in a single day across the state, according to figures from the state health department on Tuesday. Of these, 1,181 people have been affected in North 24 Parganas alone. In other words, in the first place in terms of daily transmission, the North 24 Parganas. However, the number of infected people has decreased compared to the previous day. 1,109 people were infected in one day last day. Then there is Tilottama. Infection in Kolkata is decreasing with relief. Corona virus was found in the bodies of 528 people there, the reason for opening a coffee house is the infection.

Besides, in the third place in terms of corona, the number of infected people in one day is 341 in South 24 Parganas. In Howrah and Hughli, 302 and 244 people were infected in one day respectively. Restrictions imposed in the state since May 16 are working to stop Corona. The daily infection of the state has come down a lot. The graph of the dead also gave relief. Corona’s grip on the deadly virus, which has been widening since the beginning of last month, is now under control. The recovery rate increased to 97.48 percent. The coronagraph of South Bengal as well as North Bengal is also quite downward. But Darjeeling is scared. There are 246 infected people. The total number of victims is 14 lakh 37 thousand 448 people. The number of well-being is giving relief to the health department. In one day, 12,290 people returned home from the hospital after conquering Corona. The number of recoveries is much higher than the daily incidence.

-Input Abir Ghoshal.

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