Do not cause serious infections not only in the lungs but also in the kidneys, says Braj Roy’s autopsy report

#Kolkata: The first pathological autopsy in the country after his death was performed by Braj Roy, the leader of Ganadarpan and a pioneer of the body donation movement. The autopsy report has been submitted to the health department. Sources said that this report is also being given to his family today. Corona reportedly spread the infection to his lungs and kidneys in a horrific manner. It has been clear for a long time that the lungs became infected as a result of corona, but doctors say that this information about kidney infection is actually opening up a new dimension of understanding about corona.

Braj Roy was admitted to SSKM Hospital on May 8. He was suffering from kidney problems. When Corona was caught, he was shifted to Shambhunath Pandit Hospital. He died there on the 13th. The next day, a special autopsy was conducted on his body at Arjikar Hospital. The report was submitted to the health building today, and the report was handed over to Ganadarpan.

Note that in case of murder or suicide, autopsy is done after death. From there the cause of death came out. But there is a difference between this pathological autopsy performed on the body for Braj Roy with the general autopsy. Explaining where it is different, R.G. Somnath Das, Chief Physician, Department of Forensic Medicine, Tax Medical College Hospital. Somnath Das led the team of three who conducted the autopsy. “The importance of this autopsy is different in Corona because the main cause of death is found in the general autopsy, but the pathological autopsy shows exactly what changes took place in the body of the deceased before death. Thorough changes are detected. The importance is infinite. ” Today’s report shows the importance of this autopsy. Needless to say, that’s what Braj Roy wanted, he wanted his body to be used for something bigger after death, not to be reduced to ashes, not lying on the ground.

In the mid-1980s, Braj Roy and his friends felt the need to build a movement to emphasize the importance of body donation. A group called Ganadarpan started with 5 people. On November 5, 1986, on the 95th birthday of JBS Holden, Braj Roy attended a meeting of 34 people in the meeting room of the Subarna Banik Samaj and participated in the posthumous donation drive. This is the beginning of an important social movement. Braj Roy used to say that the posthumous movement is for building a world of reason. Ganadarpan was the second body donation organization in India and the first in East India.

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