Forensic ballistic team officials in Shitalkuchi give preliminary opinion, big information

#Kolkata: Officers of the forensic ballistic team examined the CID officials in Shitalkuchikand. According to CID sources, the bullet that pierced the booth door and hit the blackboard inside the booth was a rifle shot.

One of the rifle shots was aimed at the booth from outside CID officials are investigating the reason for the shooting inside the booth. The forensic ballistic team officials confirmed that the shots were fired from a rifle on the blackboard inside the booth number 126 of the school.

The forensic ballistic team went to the scene of the shooting on Monday The forensic ballistic team visited the scene on Monday, collected samples and tested them. According to CID sources, evidence was found that shots were fired at booth number 12 from outside and inside the booth. Where the black board inside the booth was shot Ballistic team collects samples, what kind of shots? What kind of firearms are firing? How did the shot go through the gap in the door? From which direction did the shots come? How fast was the bullet that pierced the blackboard?

The question is, why shoot at the inside of the booth in the chaos outside the booth? According to CID sources, the video inside the booth has been collected Earlier on May 18, the CID team visited the spot The forensic ballistic team then went to the scene, collected samples and gave a primary opinion to the CID. According to CID sources, eyewitnesses said that during the riots, a young man inside the booth door was trying to lock the door and a woman was standing by the door with a baby in her arms in a state of panic. What happened suddenly that instead of moving the crowd outside, they had to shoot inside the booth? The riots were happening outside Why were shots fired inside? Officers from the forensic ballistic team collected samples and examined the whole matter

According to CID sources, six Central Army personnel were summoned three times in the incident However, the CID claimed that none of them came to Bhabani Bhavan According to CID sources, Mathibhanga SDPO Surjit Mandal was called to Bhabani Bhavan on May 12 for questioning. On May 11, Mathabhanga SI Govinda Das was summoned to Bhabanibhavan for questioning.

Govinda Das was in charge of RT Mobile on the day of the incident On May 10, Mathabhanga IC Visasraya Sarkar and Sector Officer ASI Rafa Barman, and QRT Officer ASI Subrata Mandal were summoned to Bhabani Bhavan for questioning. On May 25, DMDC Mathabhanga T Bhutia, Returning Officer and BDO Mathabhanga Sambal Jha, who was in the role of Assistant Returning Officer, were summoned and interrogated at Bhabani Bhavan.

According to the ballistic team’s initial opinion, the rifle shots were aimed at the booth on the day of the incident. As a result, the officer who was in charge of the security of the police that day may also be summoned and interrogated. According to the police, there was a problem outside the booth when the shots were fired in self-defense, raising questions as to why the shots were fired inside the booth. CID officials are investigating the whole matter ARPITA HAZRA

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