Gym Vaccination: Vaccination Program Gym Owner Forum, Seeking Permission to Open Gym

#Kolkata: As many as 250 members of the West Bengal Jim Owner Forum Association were vaccinated on Tuesday. Among the 250 people were the owners, trainers and staff of various gyms There were also 6 members of their family The members of this group gave the message of awareness through vaccination Their only demand is that the gymnasiums be allowed to open regularly, without closing them in the fight against Corona. Because the gym emphasizes physical fitness as well as mental well-being, it is very important to fight corona. The owners of different gyms are making this argument

Jim 7 off Corona Cope Although some areas have been gradually released, there is no message to open a gym at the moment Jim is also being kept in the list of Corona Super Spreader And that’s where the gym owners object Because they argue that physical activity in the gym will help people cope more with corona. The gym is not just a perfect body retaining factory, it is also a place to take care of the mind, claims gym owners and trainers. In the fight against corona, the issue of physical immunity is coming up again and again Doctors are advising him to get rid of excess body fat Because in many cases the information is coming up that obese or obesity reduces the body’s immunity On behalf of the Gym Owners Forum Association, Shuvrajyoti Pal Chowdhury claims that if you set foot in the gym regularly, you will never have to face such problems. He also says that Jim should not be compared to a cinema hall or mall Because when someone is coming to the gym or their body condition, it is monitored It is possible to take any action if necessary Which is not possible in restaurants, malls or cinemas, claims Shuvrajyoti (owner of Rival Fitness). That’s why several members of Jim’s forum, including Shuvrajyoti, are demanding that Jim be stripped of his superspeeder’s badge. In this regard, their request to the government should be allowed to open the gym immediately

Before that, they are taking all the measures like themselves A vaccination program was held in South Kolkata on Tuesday on behalf of the Gym Owner Forum Association According to them, if trainers and staffers get vaccinated before the gym opens, the risk of infection will be greatly reduced. As a result, many will get confidence in physical exercise by going to the gym in peace That is what Gagan Sachdev (Bodyline Sports) and Roopam Sinhara (Physiomax Gym) are reporting. Many stars were also involved in this program Devparna Pal Chowdhury welcomed the initiative 6 who likes to go to the gym regularly and is involved in this business on family basis According to him, people don’t just come to the gym to be thin or fat You need to go to the gym to keep your body healthy Besides, actor Om Sahani and his wife Mimi were also present Their long relationship with rival fitness 6 Mimi made it very clear that watching a video at home and exercising is like an online class Just like the students don’t study properly when they don’t go to school, the actress says that even if she goes to the gym and watches online videos, she doesn’t get much benefit. Also present was actress Sayantani 7

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