“I want to oust Modi,” Mamata said, proposing state unions to save the United States

#Kolkata: Rakesh Tikayet came to Navanne and met the Chief Minister. Besides giving full support to the agrarian movement, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also voiced her opposition to the Modi government from the meeting. From note confiscation to vaccine policy, Mamata seems to have used chronology to justify opposition to the Center.

On Monday, Narendra Modi announced a free vaccine for 18-year-olds. Mamata Banerjee’s question is, why didn’t the Center do it six months ago? Reminding that the people of the country are getting the vaccine from the tax money, the Chief Minister said, “BJP is not giving free vaccine from its own pocket. It is giving it from the money of the people of the country.”

“Where did the 35,000 crore rupees go? The Prime Minister gives nothing but speeches. How much money is in the PM Cares Fund?” Like him in terms of taking away the power to buy vaccines from the state, bulldozing the state government all the time is never right in the federal structure.

On the day of this meeting, the price of petrol / diesel has crossed 100 in many places. Mamata said, “They don’t care about anyone. They are imposing GST on covid vaccine. It is a conspiracy to kill people.”

In words, Mamata reached out to the old context of note confiscation. “The BJP has been in power for seven years just to increase unemployment. The country’s economy is gone today. The officers are also being intimidated. They have been deprived of their right to say anything. So that if something goes wrong against a state, everyone can protest together. “

Mamata Banerjee today expressed her full support to Rakesh Tikayet in the agricultural movement. He also announced plans to hold a virtual meeting under the umbrella of anti-BJP chief ministers against the bill.

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