Mamata Banerjee wants to submit affidavit in Calcutta high court Chief Minister wants to give affidavit in Narad case, what is in dismissing the allegations of CBI? – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: During the hearing of the Narad case in the High Court bench of the High Court on Wednesday, a tussle broke out between the Center and the state over Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Law Minister Malay Ghatak seeking to file affidavits.

When senior lawyer Rakesh Dwivedi went to give an affidavit on behalf of the Chief Minister and the Law Minister, he was vehemently opposed by the Centre’s Solicitor General Tushar Mehta. He said that after finishing the CBI question, the Chief Minister and the Law Minister now want to give an affidavit to find his loophole. In reply, Rakesh Dwivedi said, “If our affidavit is not accepted, there will be no justice.” The CBI has made serious allegations against the Chief Minister and the Law Minister. Avoiding us means not knowing the real facts, that is what the CBI wants.

Acting Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal said, “We are not approving the affidavit. The unilateral question has already been completed. We are not accepting this affidavit in the middle of the hearing. The Solicitor General also sharpened the question, saying that there is a rule to run the court, there is dignity. What is happening is unprecedented. He demanded that the court take immediate action to set an example. In response, State Advocate General Kishore Dutt said, ‘Yes, it is truly unprecedented. The CBI is requesting to transfer the case with a letter! In the end, however, the Chief Minister and the Law Minister could not submit the affidavit on this day.

Mamata Banerjee visited the CBI office at the Nizam’s Palace on May 16 after the arrest of four heavyweight leaders in the Narad case. The CBI later complained to the court that the chief minister appeared in their office and tried to put pressure on the officials. The CBI had alleged that Law Minister Malay Ghatak also tried to exert influence by appearing with his followers in the Bankshal Court.

What was in the affidavit of the Chief Minister? Sources said in the affidavit that Mamata Banerjee was not present at Nizam’s Place as Chief Minister on May 16. He went as an ordinary citizen and was privileged to be associated with the families of the detainees, especially Subrata Mukherjee, with whom he has been associated since his student days. Mamata Banerjee did not enter the CBI office using any force. He, like everyone else, crossed three central security zones and reached the 13th and 15th floors of the building where the CBI office is located at the Nizam’s Palace. As long as he was in the CBI office, he followed all the rules as advised by the CBI officials. The Chief Minister’s affidavit also claimed that the allegations against him were imaginary.

It was further claimed that Mamata Banerjee did not break any law and order as long as she was in the office of CBI’s Nizam Palace. He did not enter the CBI office with anyone other than the authorized person. He did not attend the gathering outside the gate of the Nizam’s Palace in any way or address the gathering. The affidavit states that when Mamata Banerjee arrived at the Nizam’s Palace at 10.30 am, there was no crowd. Mamata Banerjee did not participate in any siege or gathering outside the Nizam’s Palace. The Chief Minister’s affidavit also claimed that the state government and its subordinate Kolkata Police had cooperated with CBI officials in all possible ways.

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