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#Kolkata: Police seized a truck loaded with weapons and explosives from Surrey in Birbhum last Sunday. Police arrested two people from the truck coming from Bihar Sources said that after interrogating the two, the police found the two most wanted miscreants of Punjab, Yashpreet Jassi and Jaipal Bhullar, who hid in New Town. They also had Yashpreet-Jaipal’s number 7 hidden in New Town on their mobile phones It is learned that these two criminals from Punjab had given the explosives and weapons The STF and a team of police raided Shapurji’s residence around 3pm on the same day after ascertaining where the two most wanted criminals were hiding. That’s when the two miscreants fired The state police has already contacted the Punjab police

Last Sunday, the STF of the state police intercepted a truck entering the state from Bihar at Suri in Birbhum. A search of the truck turned up about 20kg of explosives and several firearms and ammunition. Police arrested two people from the truck coming from Bihar After questioning them, investigators found out that the weapons and explosives were cited by two notorious miscreants from Punjab who hid in the aristocratic Sapurji residence in New Town. Not only that, there are also reports of murder of four Punjab police officers against these two miscreants. Besides, they are also accused of other serious crimes It is also being investigated whether there is any militant involvement in the two misdeeds

After receiving this news, STF started monitoring the activities of two most wanted miscreants in Punjab. The police had been keeping an eye on them since this morning Although the police are keeping an eye on them, they could not have guessed at all The final expedition started at 3 in the afternoon Realizing the danger, the two miscreants started firing at the police Kartik Ghosh, an STF inspector, was injured in the shooting. After that the police also retaliated Jaipal Bhullar and Yashpreet Jassi, two notorious criminals from Punjab, were shot dead by STF. He is being treated at a private hospital in Salt Lake City

According to police sources, the two men arrested from Surrey were used as bait to ascertain exactly where the two miscreants were hiding their bodies. The two miscreants in Punjab were called by the two men arrested from Surrey Yashpreet and Jaipal tell us in detail about where they are hiding because they already know each other. After confirming the location of the two miscreants, STF 7 of the state police formed a team for the operation

Initially, the two murders were linked to arms smuggling in the state As a result, the police are practically sure that they had contacts with some other people in the state The identity of the owner of the flat is also being ascertained as to whose flat the two miscreants hid or rented. The two miscreants in Punjab are reportedly facing multiple serious charges of murder, kidnapping and arms smuggling in different police stations in the state. The state police has already contacted the Punjab police

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