Oh my God! Used PPE kits are lying open on the side of the road, bustling the area

#Kolkata: Protests of ordinary people in the morning. The incident is nowhere else. The incident took place in front of MR Bangur Super Specialty Hospital in South Kolkata. Complaints of local people, that super specialty, has been running as Corona Hospital since last year. But without following the rules, Corona patients’ clothes or used PPE kits are being left on the open road in the hospital.

On Tuesday morning, a used PPE kit was found in an iron barricade on the sidewalk outside the main gate of Bangur Super Specialty Corona Hospital. Ordinary people are walking by them on the road.

The Department of Health has repeatedly stated that these items can spread the infection, so they should not be kept in the open. When asked about this, some hospital staff said, “The ambulance drivers dropped the shots.” One such pedestrian, Pritam Mukherjee, said, “If the driver leaves, why aren’t the police or health workers here forbidding him?” Why are the items used by Corona patients lying on the open road like this every day? ”

When contacted by phone with the hospital authorities about this, they could not be reached. There are various places in the city of Kolkata where PPE kits are still used. In the morning, the workers came and picked them up. Many complain that those who throw it are doing it on purpose. In the darkness of the night, on the way back from the hospital or nursing home, everyone is looking at the empty space. They do not even think that the infection can spread among those who are throwing or walking by.

Locals are condemning the incident in front of MR Bangur Hospital’s super specialty Corona Building.


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