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#Kolkata: A new case has been filed in the Calcutta High Court over the arrest of heavyweights in the Narad case. Heavyweight leaders can also feel uncomfortable in new cases, as is the case with some sections of the legal community.

On May 18, the CBI arrested four heavyweight leaders Firhad Hakim, Subrata Mukherjee, Madan Mitra and Shovon Chatterjee in Naradkand at 7 am. The situation started to change after 10 am on the same day. Thousands of people gathered at the CBI office premises at Nizam Palace. The people started protesting in support of the people. Demonstrations from the gathering outside the Nizam’s gate, there was chaos. However, the period says that at that time, strict restrictions were imposed on the state in accordance with the disaster management law. Why is Nizam in the opposite picture of crowd control across the state to stop Kovid? Sharad Kumar Singh, a resident of North Kolkata, has filed a case in the Calcutta High Court raising several such questions.

The plaintiff argued that even though the entire state was arrested for breaking the rules in a ‘practical’ lockdown, why was it not done by the Nizam on that day? What were the police officers in charge of controlling the protests of thousands of people doing that day? Why only 4 people will be arrested three days after the incident? The plaintiff also raised the question as to why the law will be applied in two ways in the state. In the case, it has been requested that the incident be investigated by an independent organization outside the state. The plaintiff also demanded suspension of the responsible police officers and commencement of departmental investigation.

Although the plaintiff said he would file the case in the public interest, initially the acting chief justice of the Calcutta High Court, Rajesh Bindal, did not respond to the plea on Friday. The Acting Chief Justice has suggested that the matter be taken up in a single bench. A five-judge bench is hearing the bail and transfer of 4 heavyweights in Narde. On Tuesday, lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi went on to question the CBI, calling it a “caged parrot” and a “flying butterfly”. He also spoke about stopping ‘parrots’ after a limit. The issue of gathering outside the Nizam’s Palace has been a major part of the larger bench’s proceedings. The CBI claimed that such gatherings and demonstrations were organized to create chaos. And lawyers for the four heavyweight leaders argue that the protests were in fact public protests. In this situation, the whole matter has got another dimension in the new case regarding Nizam’s gathering. Sharad Kumar’s lawyer Bikash Singh said, “On the eve of May 16, three BJP MLAs were arrested from Siliguri under the Disaster Management Act. But only 4 arrested in the gathering of thousands of people !. I will bring the matter to the notice of the court on Wednesday.

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