Rakesh Tikait Mamata Banerjee Meeting: Best Wishes! Or Rakesh Tikayet came to Mamata and drew the design of opposition unity

#Kolkata: Rakesh Tikayet, the main face of Delhi’s agrarian movement, met Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in Navanne. Congratulations for the victory, that is the message of Rakesh. But the greatness of the meeting is not just that. On the contrary, Rakesh Tikayet’s plea to the Chief Minister should not come as a surprise if he becomes the bridge of opposition unity in the future. Rakesh’s plea is that Mamata Banerjee should unite the pro-agriculture chief ministers. Let their message of consensus reach the agitators in Delhi.

Mamata Banerjee has also responded to Rakesh’s request. “Rakesh Tikayet has asked me to talk to all the opposition chief ministers,” Mamata Banerjee said from the meeting. I will talk to everyone, our combined message will go to Delhi. We will all come together in Delhi. Clear in this conversation, Rakesh is actually acting as a force from outside that can unite the opposition voices of the whole country in Delhi. And it is his work of obstructing the bridge that can give the Modi government the most momentum. Besides, it can give mileage to other opponents of Modi government including Mamata Banerjee.

It may be mentioned that the Chief Minister explained that he is in the forefront of the agricultural movement. Highlighting the historical context, he said, “We are in favor of the peasant movement.” I myself started the mass movement with the agricultural movement of Singur. I was on hunger strike for 28 days. We have laws in our state, farmers’ land cannot be taken away. This law is the role model of the whole country. Until the claim is met. Until then, we will be in favor of this movement.

Yashwant Singh was also present at the meeting. Yashwant Singh said, “Whenever the WTO has discussed agriculture, many have talked about the corporatisation of agriculture in India. But we have opposed it. It has been said time and again that agriculture is not just a profession, it is a tradition. “I can’t stand it. So it needs to be stopped. We are with the Indian farmers to repeal the three Kalakanuns.”

In the interest of the survival of the country’s farmers in the future, Rakesh Tikayetra is seeking Mamata Banerjee’s action. They demanded that Mamata Banerjee make an arrangement for the farmers so that it becomes a role model in the whole country. Rakesh Tikayet complained that farmers now do not get a place to sell their produce. This is why middlemen exploit them. Make arrangements so that the producer of their petition to Mamata gets a fair price.

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