The initiative of the court to bring the evictees back to the house of the Kolkata police

#Kolkata: The homeless returned home with the intervention of the court. Following the announcement of the results of the Assembly polls, allegations of attacks on BJP supporters by the ruling party surfaced. After that, many families fled their homes in panic and hid in a safe place. Later, the BJP approached the court with a petition to return the displaced persons to their homes. The court directed the state government and the police to return the evictees immediately. Similarly, the police of Maniktala police station took initiative to return the homeless people of Maniktala assembly constituency.

The defeated BJP candidate from Maniktala Assembly constituency Kalyan Choubey said, ‘We have lost. But we are happy that all those who supported us are returning home today. If the court had not intervened, they would not have returned home. As soon as the results of the election were declared, the miscreants of the ruling party carried out ruthless atrocities on our activist supporters at the behest of the party leaders. In the words of the BJP leadership, ‘As soon as the results of the assembly polls were announced, someone left the house and took refuge in the BJP’s shelter. Some of them fled from their homes and hid in the houses of their relatives. Even today, many families leave the area with their children in the same clothes. The homeless are happy with the court order and the initiative to return home in collaboration with the Kolkata police.

Many people, who did not want to be named, said that they used to spend their days in fear. Think about when you will be attacked again. However, in the midst of the joy of returning home, the question that is revolving around is whether we should not be attacked again? Incidentally, out of about 250 people belonging to Maniktala assembly constituency, the police on Tuesday took initiative to repatriate 61 people belonging to Maniktala police station. Meanwhile, on the day he returned home, some people expressed their anger against the BJP leadership. Take pleasure in such a person. Resident of Dhopar field is a van driver by profession. Said, ‘We have been homeless for so long. No one on the team searched. We know what trouble we were in. ‘

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