Allegations of violence baseless, Shuvendu attacks Delhi gates to escape Narad

#Kolkata: “Shuvendu is at the doorstep of Delhi to escape the Narad case.” Kunal Ghosh, the newly elected general secretary of the state Trinamool Congress, slammed the state’s opposition leader Suvendu Adhikary in the same language. Shuvendu Adhikari has been meeting top BJP leaders, including the Prime Minister, in Delhi for the past two days on post-poll violence and CAA questions in the state, highlighting the current situation in West Bengal. Shuvendu also expressed his concern to the national media about the violence in Bengal. However, Trinamool state leader Kunal Ghosh dismissed the allegations of post-poll violence brought by Shuvendu as baseless.

Kunal claims, “In fact, they have lost to the people – they cannot accept this verdict.” Standing in that place, various stories are being made. In fact, Amit Shah and JP Naddar, along with the Prime Minister, are going door-to-door in Delhi to escape the Narad case. And the story is telling of violence. The people of Bengal have understood his drama ‘. Over the last few days, speculations have been made about the defectors. Before the vote, many leaders of the ruling party put pressure on the party and enrolled in the Gerua camp. As soon as the results of the Assembly polls came out, some of those ‘suffocated’ leaders became desperate to return to the party. Asked about this, Trinamool leader Kunal Ghosh said, “No final decision has been taken yet on returning those who left.” Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee is keeping an eye on the whole matter. Shuvendu: Kunal thinks that leaders like Rajiv are showing circus in BJP.

However, not only Shuvendu and Rajiv, but also Kunal’s addition to other factions, according to the law, showing tiger-lion game in the circus is currently prohibited. But the game of joker or trapeze in the circus is still enjoyed by the audience. “The people of Bengal are enjoying the BJP’s circus now,” he said sarcastically as the Trinamool leadership is now showing a circus in the BJP by stabbing Shuvendu and other defectors.

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