Gangstar Jaipal Singh Bhullar | Jaipal took place in a flat in Newtown from May 23! Food comes online …

#Kolkata: The price of his head is one million rupees. Police across the country are looking for him. How Jaipal Singh Bhullar, the tainted criminal, hides in peace in the Spurji complex in Newtown! State police were stunned to find the information after an encounter with a notorious gangster in Punjab on Wednesday. It is seen that he had come down to the state to cover his body and run an arms business.

According to police sources, Jaipal rented a flat in this residence in Newtown on May 23. How did they rent the flat? It is seen that the flat was rented by the interior designer of CID Road. The Jaipals contacted the broker through a website in search of the flat. They inform the broker. They need a TBHK flat. And they also make it clear that they want to take a flat in Sapurji residence. The broker then gave the phone number of the brother of the flat owner to Jaipal. The broker also got commission for this. The residents of this residence are 20 thousand. It will be convenient to hide in the crowd, there will be no doubt as it is an elite accommodation. Moreover, it is difficult to encounter so many people, Bhullar chose the last place after thinking about these seven or five.

During interrogation, the police came to know that the flat rent in this residence in Newtown is 10 thousand rupees per month. However, Jaipal came with rent in advance of Tk 20,000. His contract with the flat owner was for 11 months. Despite looking for all the activities of Jaipal, the police saw that he did not leave any gap in the preparation. Where to go, who to meet, when to leave the flat, when to enter the flat, all this information has been collected by the police through CCTV footage. It is seen that Jaipal was not allowed to enter his flat even after leaving the flat. Only online delivery buyers used to travel. They used to come to deliver food. Jaipal would not even let them get up in the flat. He would go downstairs and say goodbye with food. This was the strategy to keep the security intact.

Bidhannagar police today will question the owner of the flat to know on what basis Jaipal Singh Bhullar was rented. A special force of the state police conducted an operation at Sapurji Complex in broad daylight yesterday afternoon. Binit Goel took immediate action on the basis of the information provided by the Punjab Police. He ordered a search of the residence in Kolkata where Jaipal was hiding with Yashpreet. The tainted accused Jaipal died in this encounter.

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