Madan Mitra: ‘Heleo nahi, dhorao nahi, ami jat gokhro’, why is Mithun’s dialogue on Madan Mitra’s face!

#Kolkata: Kamarhati MLA Madan Mitra paid homage to the fruit. Wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, Aarti held a candle in her hand. Madan Mitra sat in the puja after the trademark sunglasses in his eyes. However, what happened that caused Madan Mitra to sit in worship! However, he says, “Nowadays I see some people worried about me. Some people want Madan Mitra to be destroyed ৷ Madan Mitra to be destroyed. But Ram keeps saying, so who is Murray?” So he worshiped in his own flat with his relatives.

However, he has done it live on social media as the people of the house do not know that he is worshiping. But who is seeking the loss of Madan Mitra? He did not say anyone’s name or identity in the 16-minute live. He just said, “There are many people who want to hurt me. I stood by them like God on the day of their loss. It may be that I will stand by their side like a friend on the day of the loss of their life. I wish they would come to me and say, ‘Lord, I want to harm you without knowing it.’ “

He declared himself as a common man and mentioned some incidents. “I went to the polls and saw that my whole family, including me, was devastated. My car crashed. Is this because of my sins? Or is someone cursing me? I will understand my sins. Those who are cursing me. I That’s why I’m worshiping fruit. I wish everyone well. “

Madan Mitra’s house in Bhabanipur caught fire last Monday morning. He also opened his mouth about that. Madanbabu said, “I went to my house. I went to play with my grandson at my house in Bhabanipur. I saw something cracked with a loud noise. Everyone pulled me out. I was wondering where my grandson was. I saw him playing. Not even an ant died in the fire. And things Take a look at my watch. Take the price of 1 lakh rupees. After 10 years from now, it will be worth 10 lakh rupees. Madan Mitra’s watch will be auctioned. I don’t care about things. The first floor has been burnt. All the contents of the house have been burnt on one floor. The property worth at least Tk 20 lakh has been destroyed. “

Then he said emotionally, “Mother, why is this loss to me? How much more will it hurt me? But I saw that I was standing there swearing. I was taking oxygen. Oh lovely. The fire in the house was fixed in a wartime situation. ” However, Madan Mitra borrowed Mithun Chakraborty’s dialogue without saying anything directly about who was trying to harm him and said, “I’m not leaning, I’m not running, I’m born Gokhro. Those who step on Gokhro’s tail will be careful.” However, Madan Mitra mentioned that he is doing pujo for the welfare of all. He said, “I did not come to worship for revenge. I will just tell my mother that I have not committed any sin. But give me sin, give virtue to everyone.”

However, Madan Mitra warned, “Many people dislike me. They are jealous. They are angry because they see me. I have a straight spine so they are jealous of me. The day the party was dishonest, I said I am not a traitor. I am honest.” However, Madan Mitra did not say this on the 18-minute Facebook live.

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